Epson R260 - How Can I Print Direct to Disk using SureThing Software?



Hi, I joined a while back, but haven’t been active on this forum board to date. I’ve got a question now, that I’m hoping can be answered here, based on some other threads I’ve found here via Google.

Last year, I got a deal on a brand new Epson R260 printer from a yard sale, so I couldn’t pass it up (I realize the R260 is old now, but it was still new in the box).

Regardless, I had to get new inks for it, and long story short, I was unable to find the time and extra money to buy the necessary ink. So, just this past Saturday evening, I printed a couple of DVDs for the first time.

I made the prints using the Epson CD Printer software, but I WANT to use SureThing instead. I’ve been using SureThing for printing inkject CD and DVD labels now for at least a few years, and it’s by far been my favorite app for such.

I initially tried to print with SureThing to the R260 (direct to disk), but I couldn’t get any settings put in that would actually print. Every setting, every attempt, when I’d hit the print button, I’d get an error message. It would be something to the extent of “you can’t print to this CD tray in this machine…” or “you can’t print to this cd tray format/layout”… I’m just paraphrasing at the moment, b/c I’m not at that machine, and I can’t remember the exact messages.

My thought has been that I need to use a particular file template to work from that matches the default CD tray settings in the Epson printer. Well, when I tried anything with that printer model, I just got errors not allowing me to use them. If I tried to use one from Rimage or some other brand in the list, it’d let me set the template, then error on print…

I’m hoping there’s a simple - duh - solution to this, but at the moment, I’m a little clueless. Hopefully I’ll get time again this week to look at it some on my own, but I’d greatly appreciate any references, suggestions, or general information that could be helpful here.



Quick update - I haven’t gotten to go home and try it yet, but I did find this thread in another forum, where a responder gave some pretty detailed steps. I’ll take a look at that one evening this week, the Lord willing, and see if that gets me going.

It sounds like it SHOULD work. I never tried to change as many settings as this little walk-through suggests, so perhaps that’s my only issue.


Just another update - I did not get to take any extra time to mess with the printer settings in SureThing last night. I did print a few more disks, just using the Epson printer app, but mainly I hardly even touched the computer currently used for this purpose. Hopefully this evening I’ll get to it! :disagree:


Sounds like a problem I had with my Epson Artison 50. I got an error message telling me I could not print to CD/DVDs on this printer. Simple solution go to SureThing’s website and download the latest driver. If you do not have the current driver for your particular Epson printer you will get that message.
Joseph Francis


Thanks for the last reply. However, I had the latest (still do) version of the software, as of May release. That didn’t help. Well, maybe I’ll get it tried again later and sorted out… haven’t tried in a good while…