Epson R260 and R800

Can any of the users of the 260 and 800 comment on the waterproof qualities of these printers when printing on media? Does the ink smudge?


Mine did. I had some disks I printed a while back trying to get the image closer to what I had saved so I put a drop of water on one and it smudged.
Thats using a R800, still trying to get the image to have the same contrast etc as the original.
The disk had been sitting here in a pile on the desk for months so it should have been dry by then.

Can you be more specific on the media? There are various printable media’s.

You will still need to use water Prof media the only time the printers print anything that is [U][B]supposed[/B][/U]
to be water Prof/resistant with the Claria ink is on Epson’s own special photo paper from what I have
read and heard from people using the R260. :wink:

The Claria ink will be slightly less water resistant as it is a dye based ink, rather than the R800 pigment based one, but the difference is very minor as said above.

The main thing is to get the special media, eg.

if you are looking for water resistant ink, the pigment ink can meet your requirement.

I would use CIS for R800 or R260 and load with pigment ink.