Epson R220 Printers

Right now Microcenter are selling these babies for $79.99 out of the door.

don’t forget to get the extended warranty for it, it’s only $19.99 for 2 years.

Fry’s Electronics had this printer (Epson 220) on sale for $100 with $50 rebate 2 weeks ago.

good deal, except there’s that damn rebate crap!!!

Wait for CompUSA, they normally give this printer out free with a digital camera purchase. Sometimes the digital camera is less than $100 and you get this printer for free.

now! that’s a really good deal, that is if you can get the camera under $100 like you stated. :wink:

What is the evidence that this is the case? Never heard of such deal from "CompUSA).

I am using the R200, bought as a combo deal, free printer with any digital camera purchase. The cheapest camera during that time was HP, was on sale for $99, qualified for free printer after rebate. But of course I did not buy the HP digital camera to get the R200 for free, I bought the Nikon 5200 for $249.99 and got the printer for free. At that time, the Nikon R 5200 was $299 on

I’m guessing the catch is that it is after a bunch of rebates as is the norm with compusa.

I am no in the US but if here in the UK is anything to go by get them fast as the R220 is being phased out and the next models to take over R240/245 don’t have the disc printing facility.

If it isn’t for disc printing facility then you can buy any Epson C60 or 80 for $60 that can do the job.

Good printers (I still have my C64) but not photo quality as they only have 4 cartridges the R2xx series has 6.

But remember the cost of replacing 6 catridge each time, that is how these printer are cheap because the manufacturers get you when you have to replace the cartridge.

but what’s the point in replacing the whole 3 colour cart. when you only need to replace the yellow etc. :confused:

i think these are better in the sense that you don’t have to rpelace things that you don’t need to replace. i always run out of red before i run out of blue, but i have to junk the whole cartridge in order to print. now THAT’s a waste of money.

epson has reasonably priced ink from what i’ve gathered, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some bulk deals in this forum that are a steal for the R series printers.

TCAS do you actually have either C6x or D8x (there is no C8x range)? RXXX range has exactly the same cartridge system only with two extra colours.

reason the Epson brands are not reasonable the various compats are.

Bj the three colours on the ranges mentioned by TCAS are seperate cartridges. Therefore only one colour needs changing if it is empty not a three colour pack.

ack, that’s what i meant. i need to proofread before I submit.

I’m so wary of compatible ink…I killed my canon due to using crappy ink (at least I think that’s the reason), but if you can find some generic ink that’s quality which is what people seem to use with these epson printers then that rules.

i now have an HP PSC 1410 which is like the only printer in the world that doesn’t cave generic cartridges available for it…go figure.

I use cheap ink for it. Each cartdridge is less than $3, and empty cartdriges are redeamed for $3 a piece at staples. So far the head hasn’t clogged up yet so is still good.

Yes I do have Epson 60 and it use 2 catridge one for black and one for “Red, Blue & Green” I buy my caridge from which there are local for me and I go there and get them. The price for back catridge is $6.99 and for the color $7.99 which I trash them later to Staples for $3/ empty catridge.

sorry, i thought he meant a 3 colour 1 cart, as whats in my C62, but i am thinking about tha R220, just need to get back to work first :flower:

Hey look in today’s ad from Fry’s, Epson 320 printer is on sale for $89-$50 MIR not bad for the Epson 320 for $39.