Epson R220 print CD software

Hello friends.

I have searched the net high and low for days on end and I simply can not find the epson R220 print CD software. Not the R200 or any other models but the R220. Can ANYONE point me in the right direction please!!! :bow: :doh:



Google “” and you’ll find a link to Epson’s Russian server. You may still need the installation CD that came with the printer however. Alternatively try to find one of the previous versions, like “”.

Good luck!

You should of had a CD with your Epson R220…You’ll find All software on it…
“Epson Print CD” is the name of the program…If you not got, then go to the Australian site, I think its in there…Also if you do Printing of photos, you’ll find the Paper profiles there also…

have you resolved your situation???

Just to clarify, if you download from the russian epson site you don’t need your original epson cd, after you extract the files open setup.ini with notepad and chage MediaFormat=0 to MediaFormat=1 and you will not get asked for the cd.

wow, what a hassle and a half getting in here just to let you know I HAVE the CD of original software, AND the tray for the cds.

I personally HATED my epson printer. What an ink wasting, poorly designed piece of trash. I enjoyed smashing it to bits yesterday after once again, there was no way to align the retarded tray with the marks the moron engineers at epson misaligned. Is it too much to ask they TEST these before releasing them on the public? The arrow markings were WRONG. Anyway, make me an offer of around 20-25 bucks and I would gladly ship you the CD, manual and tray if you need it. Book and CD and tray are pristine. They were removed from the ‘printer’ before I tossed it 20ft into the air and sent it to hell where it belongs. : )

PS I just write on DVDs with a sharpie now. Saves me HOURS.