Epson r220 cd print help

is there a way to print the hubs for the hub printable dvd-rs?

I now i cna change the inner dimater, but i dont know what value to put there.

The default values are 43 mm for inner and 116 for outer. anyone know what i should set the inner dimater to, to print on the hubs?

You could measure your DVD. I use 24 mm.

TY is 23/118 and IIRC verbatim is 23/119, but your best bet is a ruller :wink:

I use 21

For Verbatim hub printable discs I use 21mm and 120mm - however, I use a tissue to wipe the outside edges of the disc, because it oversprays a little bit.

With the Taiyo Yuden Watershields, you can use 23 mm and 118 mm, but 117mm will have less chance of dotting and ink run. You get a small white ring no matter what you do - they aren’t printable all the way across the white surface, which is too bad!

Verbatim has this for the correct measurements.

I just keep a small ruler at my desk. I’ve noticed slight variations even within a brand, so I measure one from each pack I open, then write it on the outside so I’ll know where to set it each time I use one.

You mean a ruler that is in mm’s?
What kind of ruler do you have and for me to get?

A Wescott stainless steel 6" ruler (PN 10414) with centimeters (& mm) on the other side, and a cork backing (doesn’t scratch disks). I’m sure I got it at WalMart or Office Depot (etc.) for a buck or 2.

Thank you!