Epson R200

Have just bought one of these and printed my first disc, which is marvellous for me as I’m not very technically minded, I’ve left the settings as they are but notice that there is quite a space around the inner and wondered if anyone has the correct setting for this, I’d be very grateful, also id there a way to use less ink and what do they trun out like if you do this Regards

I also have the R200 & am very impressed with the results! I use Verbitam DVD 4X-R & have set the internal setting to 23mm & the external to 116mm also I had to shift the axis .3mm to the left to get the DVD to line up to the centre. A warning will come up when you are about to print the DVD as to allow 24 hrs for the ink to dry this is because the writting at the inner edge (Verbitam 4xDVD) has some clear plastic which when inked will take longer to dry than the printable part. I have also found that the Text/image set up works best for the DVD label
Hope this helps
Quest Solver

Thanks for that it’ll save me a lot of fiddling around