Epson R200 vs R800 for CD/DVD Label Printing

Any difference between these two models in terms of quality? I know the R800 has a small pictolitre and more ink cartridges. Does the label look any better?

If you will be printing a lot of professional quality photo’s, then go with the 800. Otherwise, the R300 will do everything you need or want.

So will the R200 if you don’t need all those card slots and little screen. I have printed a large number of DVDs on the R200 and it looks good every time in standard print, I have yet to try photo quality, I have to print 2 with the same picture soon so I will let you know if there is a difference.

If you have a quality image file, there is no need to print DVD labels on anything other than the standard setting with the R200. They look awesome!!!

I totally agree with teflonmyk, you don’t need to go crazy on the dpi to get an extremely good image. In fact, many people in professional graphics and photography only use 300dpi or max 600dpi for everything they do, scanning and printing. Mostly because the image already looks about as good as it will get once it’s been printed, partly because both scanning and printing take MUCH less time at lower dpi, and partly because at higher dpi your file sizes become way too big especially if you have alot of them.

Personally I scan at 300dpi, but then I print selecting a medium-high type print quality setting. My printable DVD’s come out looking great. With either of these printers, the quality will be heavily dependant on what media you use. I have an R200, I buy just regular Epson high quality inkjet paper (100 pack is only like $12 or something) and the prints turn out quite nice. Basically with the right paper, either printer will kick ass.

Unlike the EPSON R200 vs. R300, there is a major difference between the R200 and R800. R200 and 300 are essentially the same - same inks, same results only the R300 has a built-in display and a card reader! - Both R200 and R300 use dye based inks.

The R800 uses a pigmented based, durabright photo ink with gloss finish. There are 8 tanks I believe including the gloss - You can add a real professional touch to your print with resistence to smudge/fade, the ink is much more durable and resistent than the dye based ink. However, it can run pretty damn expensive to buy 8 tanks…