Epson r200 tray slipage

Hey all,
New to this forum,
I have an Epson R200,After 2 months of use the tray started to slip and
does not competly eject at the end of the print, If it wasn’t for the amazing
quality of the printed images I would have thrown it against the wall long ago,
I even ordered a new tray that is supposed to fix the problem but it does NOT.
Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

If its only had 2 months of use and still under warrenty put it back…

i`ve got the same problem with my R200, the tray needs a gentle push to get started and gets stuck when coming out, unless i help it along.

at the moment i`am living with the problem.

My R300 started doing this about a month after I bought. As far as I can make out it seems to be a design fault. The clear plastic part at the front of the tray doesn’t seem to be catching on the rollers correctly and just slips. Many people have had their trays replaced by Epson only to have the problem re-occur. It’s a pain but I just live with it.


This will happen when the clear plastic area gets WARPED - If the tray is handled properly there should be no problem - I have printed over 1500 discs and not a single problem with the tray. Make sure to insert the tray properly, under the 2 guides and aligned with the arrow - do not force/push the tray completly in. Also it appears that some people get defective trays out of the box (bent/warped clear plastic) in this case return it and get a new one or order a new tray - if you still have problems then you may have problems with your printer

I have heard of a lot of people haveing problems with epsons and cd printing. They are just buggy in the way they work (though some seem to work fine). If you want beter cd printing, get a canon (unless you are in the US and then you are stuck with epson unless you want to mod your canon printer).

You don’t think people abuse their trays do you? Surely people don’t stack things on top it or their children use it for a frisbee :wink: Maybe they need to clean rollers. I’ve never had any problems here either. I store mine in a drawer where it’s safe till next use. Hit it with a can of air to blow the dust off when i do.

I was going to reply until I saw the date gap between the last post in this thread (2005) and the current ones. :slight_smile:

I noticed that also but thought what the hey. Thought same on other Epson thread :confused:

I have not heard anybody back up their arguments about the EPSON. I don’t see anything wrong with the EPSON, the quality is amazing and produces amazing results. I don’t know or have any problems with the tray. To be honest I’ve seen higher end epson printers that had known problems with the rollers and other mechanical part, even an epson rep admitted this to me… :slight_smile:

As to going for canon, thanks but no thanks not for me… My ONLY complaint about the EPSON printer is the wasted ink…as much as 30% of ink os wasted - do you know how much ink is wasted just from the initial charge when you first power your printer ? Otherwise it’s a decent printer. I personally prefer EPSON build. and no I don’t work for EPSON :smiley:

No actually I’m not putting all the blame on end users :smiley: And I would not advise using trays as frisbees although they do fly quite well :wink:

The thing is that the tray holder is very flexible, made of plastic of course, same with the tray - some people tend to press too hard and bend it a little too much - with the the clear plastic at the end bends and is no longer able to press properly against the rollers. It’s all a question of production cost - they could have used 1 strip of rubber at the end it would have maybe added a few dollars to the cost of the printer :slight_smile:

Most people don’t read the FAQ’s or manuals. I’m really surprised there hasn’t been more questions about Epson CD/DVD printing here.

I was aware of the tray slippage issues before buying my Epson printer last November. I have been exceptionally careful with the tray. Print quality is great. Slippage started a few days ago. I used a green scrub pad to clean up the bottom of tray, then sprayed 2 coats of the same acrylic clear I use on my printed disks. It makes the tray feel slightly textured when dry (only 10 minutes later). Now no slippage at all. Krylon Acrylic Crystal Clear (Satin finish). Hope this helps others :slight_smile:



I had the same problem with my R300.
Called Epson support and they sent me a new tray (since it was still under warranty).
The new tray had a hard plastic end that was black, rather than the original flimsy clear end. Haven’t had any problems since.

Epson also stated that you can buy this new tray from some e_retailers.
I am not on my home machine, but if your interested I can post some of the retailers they said would sell this tray.

I didn’t mean to imply that epson printers were bad overall, infact I think your best bet in a printer is either a canon or epson. I prefer canon but only because of avalability of high quality (photograpic quality with near perfect color match to oem) refill ink, and not having to mess with chip resetting. Thats not even an advantage to canon anymore either because the new model canon printers have chipped ink cartriges too (mine dont though). There are advantages to epson and advantages to canon, but they are the best two printer brands out there though.
Specifically with cd printing though, epsons have more feed problems though canons have problems too. Some people have no problems what so ever, but plenty have problems on both, moreso with epson. I get this from reading numerious threads on hacking US canon printers to cd print and reports from many users. Both non-US canon users and epson users helped with this on several diffrent forums (the best thread I have found was on steves digicams though). There were many coments on how the printers worked for cd printing, and it wasn’t a quality of printing issue, but rather a malfunction of the tray issue and only some people experienced it (maybe quality control on the trays?).
I’m actually considering getting an epson for cd printing as I didn’t get my US canon working with a homemade tray. My only problem, 100$ for a printer, 7$ ea for refillable ink cartriges, 60$ for epson refill ink, maybe a chip reseter (not sure if the refill friendly carts need one, maybe not). The alternative is to pay 50-60$ for 50 cents worth of plastic parts from a nom US model for the canon, or keep trying to make a tray that works (epson trays can actually be modded to work with canons, but it seems prices on replacment epson trays jumped way up when everyone started hacking thier canons with them).

Fyi, with the feed problems with epsons, several people said that a new tray fixed the problem. If it’s under waranty, insist on a replacment tray.

If you know anyone that has the tray cheap I would like to know as I would like to try to mod one to fit my canon.