Epson R200/R300 series Meritline ink sale



Meritline has generic ink for the Epson Stylus photo R200/300 cd printers. Only a buck apiece. Discount code is INK30POFF

$47.56 for 8 sets after instant discount. There may even be free photo paper-100 sheets included in the sale? Sale ends 2/25/07 so not much time left.


Have you used them before?


Not yet. They say ridisc. I’ve used private.abacus-issues with the cyan.

I’m currently using G&G from and they are performing great. I’ve got less than 2 sets remaining so I’m supplied for a couple more months.

I thought I’d post it in case anyone may be in need of ink.


Yeah i’ve heard G&G is the good stuff. Thanks for replying.


You can also get them at www, very cheap.


You can also get them at very cheap.


I’ve been using the meritline ridisc ink in my r320 for a few months now and they work great for me, print quality is just as good as the epson ink :iagree: , I’d jump on this again…but I still have 30 left :bigsmile:


What is the brand name of the Ink they sell?.


Last time some one posted a deal like this I got them and still have 2 sets left. I dont have any issues using these ridisc and reallly thinking about jumping on this. Thank you OP


I’ve used the ridisc brand and find them as good as the g&g which both seem to do as well as the Epson ink. I have two 220s and 1 360 and that would be a fortune at about 17 dollars per like Walmart wants. I stll had about 50 from the last sail so i’m goood to about July 2011.


Too bad they aren’t making them for the current printers yet. I should have jumped last time.


Same here, I have gone through 2+ of each cart. with Zero issues.

If I needed more I would not hesitate to buy them again.


No problems with Ridisc after at least 5 sets…


yep!! I still have a whole bunch of Ridisc ink cartridges left from the last deal, they’re as good as the originals. If you’re looking for cheap ink, don’t think twice jump on the deal without questions, make sure they’re Ridisc brand.


I didn’t need any this time around. Hopefully that deal comes around in a couple months. A lot of positive feedback from ridisc users.


Got mine in today. Half of them were g&g and half were ridisc. With what I had and what arrived I have 112 cartridges. I have no idea why I bought some more but I do have 3 printers that use them and 1 is on my wife’s computer and she prints every thing she sees. I should be good for a year maybe 18 mon. LOL


Let us all know how the g&g carts. work out.



Same here. I’ve never tried any of these brands but heard good things about both.


I have been using g&g and ridisc for about a year and have excellent results printing cds and dvds. It dries quick and seems to last without smudging and the kids around here have given it a try. Beats the heck out of $17 dollar real things.


That’s no sh@t and my warrenty is gone so i don’t care about real Epson cartridges :bigsmile: Next cartridge i need to replace will be one of these as i have no more Epson carts :wink:

Thanks to saugmon for letting me know this deal :cool: