Epson R200 printer offers direct CD/DVD printing for 99 dollars

I just posted the article Epson R200 printer offers direct CD/DVD printing for 99 dollars.

If you are looking for a new
color printer, are a digital photo buff and always wanted to print your CD and
DVDs, this hardware may be of interest. The 6 color printer can print directly

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I’ve got its big brother…the R300. Superb piece of kit. I wouldn’t say it was “that” fast, but the prints, both photo and cddvd are very nice indeed.:slight_smile:

It has been on sale in the UK from Argos of all places for a month or 2 for £99.99

So is it available only in the UK right now? I can’t seem to find it at Pricewatch or a couple other places I check.

I’t’s for sale in holland as well for € 117.20.

Yes I have the R300 big brother and the cd/dvd printing facility rocks! I think the ink cartridges are very expensive though. 6 cartridges needed and they are £10 each!!! thats 60 quid in total

Why not buy bottles of the colours ans refill? I don’t have one so cannot tell if they are chipped(prob will be) if so you can get a reset device which after you have refilled you reset the cartridge and fools the printer into thinking it’s a new one. Failing that compatibles will be on the go already or very soon. These printers are actually the best kind to get as you only need to replace the color that has run out whereas most chipped epsons reuire a new cartridge if one colour runs out even though you could over 505 of the colours still in the cart. Great price and well worth the money think i will get one of these how can you go wrong at that price.

Read this 2 days to late, just bought a Canon I865 for $ 350aus. Damn! :c