Epson R 320 printing off-center

I am trying to print DVD’s on my Epson R 320 printer and it prints them 1-7/8 inches to the right and down of center, at about the 4:30 position on a clock. In other words, the center of the printed area is that far off from center.
I have tried the alignment procedure suggested, but it never prints the center circle of the alignment disk, only the vertical and horizontal register marks. I’m 78 years old and sure could use some help. Thanks.

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Do I recall that you are supposed to fold the paper in half top to bottom and side to side, then enter the numbers at the creases into the calibration settings?

What program are you using for printing the discs? You may want to try uninstalling and re-installing the program. What settings are you using when you print to the discs? Many Epson enthusiasts around here, we can probably work this out with a little more information.:slight_smile:

I have tried entering extreme numbers just to see if I could get the Epson 320 to print closer to center. It moves some but not nearly enough. Maybe I’m missing something in doing the calibration? Thanks for trying to help me. C’man

I’m using Epson’s Print CD program that comes with Film Factory. I’m using a Mac with 10.68 OS and downloaded the latest driver for it.

I don’t quite understand the alignment procedure. When I print out the alignment page there is no center circle printed, only the 4 top and right registration marks. I enter extreme corrections and it still did not come close to moving the 1-7/8" that its printing off center. The center is close to the 4:30 position on the DVD disk. It does change where it prints on the DVD after I move the photo of the disk on the alignment. I do not hit reset, should I?

I’m not familiar with the behavior of the Epson printer driver on a Mac, but this page mentions a few things that occured to me, such as making sure that paper size is A4 and paper type is cd/dvd. Try the tricks mentioned at that site, and if they don’t help, we’ll come up w/ something else. Its been many years since I used a 300.

Does that alignment page have two lines on it, one horizontal and one vertical?

I have the paper size set for A4 and paper type set at cd/dvd. The alignment page has 4 crosses on it like a baseball diamond. The second base mark says ‘Top’ and the first base mark says ‘right’ More like diamond pattern with the point at the top which is marked Top. But the printout I’ve seen online show a center circle which does not show up on the screen or the printout for me.

Oh my. I’m familiar with this product, but I’m not certain I remember the original software’s settings.

It’s late Saturday night for me, and I’ll try to post something more detailed in about 12-14 hours. That will be after lunch on Sunday here in Texas.

I’m chagrined that I didn’t notice this question earlier!!

Thanks! Any help will sure be appreciated. I’ve tried many different things. Could the printer simply be damaged?

CZ, early Sunday morning before placing phone calls…

Our Apples don’t have that software loaded anymore so I don’t have an “in front of me” test-case, but your description reminds me of the details. I’ll try to call others who still have a similar setup to yours for ‘practice’, though.

You wondered if the printer could be defective, and you did what I’d have done - “Set extreme changes and see what happens” and it only revealed very minor adjustments.

But here’s how all of our R-300-series died - we had about 120 among our customers, and all of them ‘died’ because of an overflow excess-reservoir that needed a $125 service call.

This is some sponge or tub that’s hidden in the bowels of the printer, and it was simply emptied and some kind of ‘reset fuse’ was replaced and the printer would run and run and run. But this was such an angering and arbitrary contrivance by Epson to get us to spend money on their service-centers, and instead we’d get $100 Epson RX printers as replacements! Less money and no 2-3 weeks without printer!

None of them had “alignment” issues, if that’s any help. That of course doesn’t mean yours doesn’t suffer from exactly that.

I have a vague recollection that once I thought I had alignment issues, but I decided to do a “Reset to Factory Defaults” on the printer, and then I uninstalled and re-installed all drivers and software. I remember some odd shenanigan like that once, but I don’t remember if that was on a PC or a Mac.

More on this in about 7 hours…

Thanks Christine! I saw that reset option and was tempted to try it. I’m going to wait for others to respond and then try some of the suggestions. C’Man

Sunday afternoon… our Apple folks don’t have R-series printers anymore. Even worse, none remember using the alignment software, so I can’t offer first-hand or eye-witness experience.

The best comments were “I vaguely remember doing a Reset To Default, then Uninstalling all Epson R- software then reinstalling it” and those, like my experience, were offered with a grain of salt.

I don’t think “Reset To Default” will be destructive to your work at all, by the way. If you’ve got odd paper-formats saved (“Custom… Save As… Template-Name”), those will still exist after your Reset, and even your Uninstall-Reinstall will pick those back up.

I do remember being confused by their alignment process, though, if that helps! (No, I know… “Not much!”)

I do agree that resetting to default and re-installation of drivers/software is always a good place to start. I do remember curing an alignment problem once by simply cleaning the disc tray thoroughly with some windex/glass cleaner and paper towel to remove the ink buildup off the white markings on the tray to allow the machine to more easily see the thing :).

Also resolved a few problems along the way by switching to a different version of the print cd software.

Thanks dean and christine, I’ll sure give your suggestions a try.


[QUOTE=deanwitty;2656970]What program are you using for printing the discs? You may want to try uninstalling and re-installing the program. What settings are you using when you print to the discs? Many Epson enthusiasts around here, we can probably work this out with a little more information.:)[/QUOTE]
I am using Epson’s Print CD. I have two Epson printers, the R200 and the R320. I’m using the DVD loading tray from the R200. Are the trays identical? I cannot find the DVD tray from the R320, could that be the problem? The R200 centers perfectly. The R320 which I am trying to use because it prints better, refuses to center the printing on the DVD, even if I set it to the extremes of the adjustments provided.

Czech, we use trays interchangeably from R2’s to R3’s… I think the RX series was different, but suddenly I can’t remember. But I know we used R200 and R300 trays back and forth.

Sorry to hear the alignment is still a problem. I wonder if some other software would change that?

That ACOUSTICA stufflooks interesting, with a free trial, but I know the SURETHING trial offers most features, doesn’t actually ‘time out’ and has an excellent forum administrator Pete who is a whiz at all of his software products and very familiar with all the Epsons.

I know the Surething Trial uninstalls cleanly, by the way.

Thanks Christine. I’ll give software a trial. Meanwhile I have a Artisan 730 waiting in the wings. But all I really need is a printer that prints DVD labels. I hate to buy ink and service yet another printer if I don’t have to. Thanks again.