Epson Printer Recommendations?

I’ve been looking over the boards and It seems like the best way to go for right now is to get an epson. problem is im not sure which model to get?

Quality is the most important factor. I already have an HP all-in-one so i really just this printer for dvd labeling, and the occasional photo print. The time it takes to print doesn’t matter much, and it doesn’t need to be able to print w/o a computer. The one thing im looking at is the quality of the prints. I want something that can get as close to duplicating my dvd disc covers as possible (I have the disc images scanned already).

I’ve heard several people say great things about the r340 and r320. For price reasons ive been looking at the r260. Any suggestions what I should get? Thakns

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What’s your location? USA,Europe…etc…


I have an R380 and it’s great, Much better than my old R300. I found out that the Epson PrintCD program won’t work on Vista though. There is an alternate program that can be used for this. I have been using Acoustica CD Label Maker. There is a template in this program which works well with the Epson Printers.