Epson PrintCD software

I know I should have backed up the software, but I didn’t and my computer crashed. Can anyone help me with this problem. I have spent the last three hours trying to find the software and no luck. I have surfed the internet with no luck. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee help ! ! ! Greatfully appreciated
I bought the Epson Stylus R200 just for the CD printing and now its going to just collect dust.

Don’t they have it available for download? I think it only works with Epson printers anyway.

Can you send an email to Epson support?

I’m assuming you are in the USA? I am and I think the Epson easyprint software has that. Not sure, but you can download it and check it out HERE.

Use the link below to download the PrintCD software; its the Russian Epson Site. The version you want in English is at the botton of the page, version 1.5aE. The E at the end denotes the english version. I have used this link for my own system and have referred other happy campers to this site.

Don’t you have the driver-CD that came with your printer, [B]RandyC626[/B]? AFAIK the downloads still require a file from that CD.


If you do not have the cd that came with the printer; you can go to Epson USA and download the drivers needed, however the USA site does not offer the “printcd” software so go to the Russion Epson link I noted a post or two above and get that part there, then you will have all you need. Suggest you burn it all to a cd so you will have it for future use, just in case.

I recently installed this 1.5aE version and the installer requests access to “PCDDATA”, which is not included in the download (I tried browsing to the install files folder), but is located on the Software CD-ROM.

I am curious if the PCDDATA is included in the driver/software available for download from Epson USA??

Don’t know :slight_smile: . I had my R340 driver installed prior to PrintCD obviously. Not only did I need the CD for installing PrintCD, but I also got an error about a missing “PICSDK.dll” when starting the program. This was solved by installing the EasyPrint package. [B]RandyC626[/B] can give it a try without the CD of course.

The last version I downloaded from the Russian site was 1.4aE and it installed fine, must be something new in this version. Maybe I will give it a try later. Thanks for trying on your system.

Yes, it confused me too. I remember it zipping through the install when pointing it to the install files folder in stead of the CD on a previous XP installation. That may well have been with an earlier version like 1.4aE. I seldom use software CD’s that come with hardware, as I don’t need most of the stuff they want you to install anyway, so I just download what I think I need.

Well, if Randy makes it back to check out the help everyone is offering and still needs the eariler version and PMs me I might be able to help him with a working older version.

FYI, the software is not listed on the Russian site anymore.

This is an old thread, but I wanted to upgrade the 1.2 version included on my CD to the 1.5AE and ran into ALL SORTS of problems… like missing DLLs, askiing for pcddata, etc… and after that backgrounds no longer in install…

I toyed around with the update archive and with the cd folder and was able to make a full 1.5ae installer with backgrounds and samples (pcddata folder!)… if anybody is interested, let me know…

I’m interested

i’m interested, too. i’m running 1.4e, also d/l’ed from the russian side a while ago and had no problems installing. but then, i never had any problems with my prior version (i think it was 1.2) either.

does anyone know what kind of improvements were done to justify a “problematic” update? if the changes are minor, then it’s definitely not worth the hassle.

and yes, it’s bad enough that epson does not provide a download for such an important program!

my $0.02.


I don’t think there’s any new features, probably just support for newer printer models. :slight_smile:

hi :smiley:
Could somebody please tell me how to get the print cd 1.50E version ? :rolleyes:
thanks in advance

Hi. Could someone please email me the latest version of the EPSON Print CD software? I have also misplaced my disc. :confused:

Thanks in advance. :cool:

EDIT: Cool. Kept surfing and found it finally! Here’s the link for anyone else who needs it.