Epson print cd

I have epson print cd program. Is there a way to copy a dvd cover to the program as a full image. When I do it it’s only 2" in the center. I have to strech it out to fit. Is this how the program works. I tried to find answers but found nothing. This seems like the best place to find what you need. I tried surething and it works ok. The full image is there. Can anyone help me.

Welcome to the forum :flower:

You just need to click on the “background” icon and choose your image instead of the “image” icon and it will automatically stretch the image to fit.

thankyou so much. it work great. i should have came here first.

You’re welcome. Glad to help.

So many people with different specialties around here, I find its usually the best place to start. :). Let us know if you’re looking for any more tips.