Epson Print CD

Is there anyway that I can print a dvd/cd using Epson Print CD software and a Canon iP4500?

Have used Epson printers for years and like Epson Print CD very much. I find it superior to the CD-Label Print software supplied with the Canon installation CD. However I just recently gave up on Epson after having Cyan print head clogging problems (another story).

Was very surprised that I couldn’t simply select a different printer and use the Epson software.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks very much

sc19171 :confused:

Due to the fact that the trays probably do not line up the same way I would think that you would not be able to use the Epson software.

I to like the Epson Print CD Software.

If someone knows of a way to do it I sure will save that answer for if or when I change from Epson printers.

Hope someone can help you.
Good Luck

Thanks for your reply


Short answer: no.

The Canon software is superior to the Epson in every way, maybe you just need to give it some time and learn it better. There’s a lot more functionality there.

CDan thank you for your reply.

It may be a superior program but I found problems in its ease of use.

For instance I had to do quite a bit of digging to find out how to reduce the diameter of the inner circle.

What I don’t like now is adjusting the image up, down, left right at the edges so that only the desired image will show on the printed media. Quite often when an image is scanned there is an undesired ring at the outer edge. Using Epson CD Print all I had to do was drag the image a little further out to eliminate an undesired part. It was easy to enlarge the scale of the image while editing to get a little more precise adjustment.

The adjustments I am looking to do are likely there, but I just don’t know how to do it (at this time).

Being a self taught geezer it happens that the learning steps become slower.

Thank you for your input.


If you do not paying a little, I would recommend you download SureThing and give it a try; works nicely with Epson and Canon printers.


Thank you for your reply

Will read up on Sure Thing and give it a try.