Epson Print CD Software

Hi I’m new to this forum as a member!

I have a specific question relating to the epson print software which I have with my R220. I am very happy with this printer, though I have a slightly unusual task for it!

I have purchased some Vinyl look a like CD R discs which have printable labels, though the printable surface is split into two parts. I have linked to an explanation and photo below.

I have allready sucessfully printed on the larger external label sucessfully, though the smaller inner label is more difficult to reach.

In order to print on the inner printable surface i must set my inner diameter to 19 mm and my external diameter to 32mm. This would print the inner label and avoid the plastic ring on the CD R surface. The Epson software will not allow me to reduce my external diameter below 70 mm.

any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Please use the search function. There is a quite extensive post concerning this exact issue.