Epson Print CD Software

I continue to have a problem with the Print CD application that came with my R200 Epson printer. When I scan a disc image and save it as a JPG file, it looks fine, but when I import that JPG into the Print CD software to print on my DVDs/CDs, I oftentimes get very pixelated images that do not appear in the original JPG. Print CD only accepts JPG files, I can’t get any other file types to import, so it’s not like I have any other file type options.

Here’s a sample of the original JPG that looks good:


And here’s the Print CD image. You can see all the nasty pixelations in the light blue and purple areas - and it prints out exactly as you see it here (Sorry, only way I could upload it was to take a screenie, PB doesn’t support .ec3 file types):


I don’t see newer drivers for the software, am I just out of luck? I know a lot of people have these Epson printers, what software are you using to print with? Am I doing something wrong?

I appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks

Let me give you a BIG piece of advice, dont bother with those on line sites that give you cd covers. IMHO they are a waste of time because they scan their dvd’s. What you should do if possible is take a digital photo, in macro mode of the disc, then edit that with photoshop. I’m afraid the only other option is to settle for a wallpaper or something of the film you want a cover for.

I am using my camera to take a photo of the original, then I print onto the backup. Im using the Epson cd print software that came with my printer.

I don’t use any of those download sites, I have the original discs that I scan here. My scans are nice, although, I’m sure a pic with a very high quality camera would be better.

With that being said, you can see the quality of my original jpg is quite good. What I can’t figure out is why Print CD is pixelating certain parts of the image when I import the jpg. I can open the original scan up with any other photo application and it looks just like the original, it’s only the Print CD software that craps it.

I have the Epson R200, but I purchased SureThing Label SW. I lay disc on my flat bed scanner and save it. Then chose template that matches disc used and edit by dragging the label to be centered on template if needed as most of time it is OK. Also has great tools to create your own. Can take song names on audio disc in correct order. You can create text to the go around the disc. The have a free trial and I bought the download version the same day that I tried the trial. Plan to make photo show with picture my wife has took and put then in family presents.


What you see on your screen is just the “preview” so don’t worry about it. Try to print on a plain paper (or photo paper) before wasting a printable disk. If the color doesn’t match, you probably need to adjust some settings.

If I may add to the bits of advice :slight_smile: Ditch EPSON PRINT CD, in my opinion it is utter crap - (well crap is a big word mind you, but it let’s say ‘very limited’. I was recommended another piece of software and now I cannot live without it.

I use the CD/DVD Labeler Deluxe 4.xx and it has much better - in terms of feature packed and better centering options !

That’s what I thought (hoping :)) as well, but it printed exactly as you see in the second pic. What’s strange, is Print CD doesn’t do it all the time, it’s hit and miss. Also, sometimes the image in the software rendering is pixelated and it prints fine as you mentioned, but other times it prints the pixelated image - BIZARRE!

If noone else has seen this problem with Print CD, I’ll guess it’s my machine. I’ll keep playing and see if I can figure it out.

If you can spare a disc, take a digital photo, not necessarily for the movie and print that onto the dvd, and see if it comes out pixelated. If it doesnt then you know that its just the files you are using, if it does then try another program :slight_smile: