Epson print cd program question



Is there a way to adjust your dvd so that it prints evenly on the dvd?

Whenever i print i notice that the upper left side of the disc still contains a bit more white then the the opposite bottom part. I am using taiyo yuden hub printables. The hub part also seems to leave some space at one side more than the other also.


In the PrintCD GUI, select “Import” then from “File” browse to the cover you want to use, double click on it and when it opens up on the CD template use the drag markers to drag the image to fill the template and move the label around the way you want it.


You can also try printing a cd with the alignment pattern and readjusting the print position


Mine’s 0.3 mm to the left and 0.1 mm up from center. Find your offset by trial and error. If you use a perfectly circular and perfectly cut to size image (use your image editing app - I have IrfanView) and import that as Background, there’s nothing else you need to do, just hit Print. (Also set inner and outer diameters to match the disc’s print surface obviously.)


which print program is that? i hav eth epson r220 and i dont ssee an adjust print position.


nevermind i found it


Since we’re at it does anyone know how to cahnge the print qualities for cd/dvds? It always prints a photoo quality.


Select “Manual Print” (in same window as above) and you’ll have access to the Printer Properties. The PRINT program I’m using is “EPSON Print CD Version 1.50E” by the way.


Correct setting for printing whole disc cover on hub is 119mm out and 22m in use manual setting for printing, check box text and image, default setting is photo and it will revert back to that setting after you close out the program according to epson its a abug in the prog.Why text and image setting because at 119mm out it will bleed at higher setting epson also agrees with this


Can anyone send me a link to the latest version of Epson Print CD? I have 1.31e but am having some problems in Vista.



Install the XP printer driver (you will have 2 printers listed, one with the Vista driver and one with the Epson driver) and then install and run PrintCD in XP SP2 compatibility mode.


Or, just format your HDD & install XP Pro. :wink:


Thanks it does work like that, is this the same as 1.50e? I thought 1.50e you could just use the native windows driver.


I don’t think so, AFAIK it just adds support the newer models. EPSON appear to have a Vista driver for R220/320 models and up now, but those funny people seem to have left R200/300 users out in the cold… (I haven’t tried their Vista driver with these yet - maybe someone else knows more).


Me and my R300 are feeling the cold! The native driver works fine just wish I did not have to use the old XP driver for printcd hopefully they’ll sort it soon enough…


Epson PrintCD does not work with Vista. Epson says they are working on it but have no availability date. You can fix it immediately with a $22 download from, CD/DVD Label Maker 3.0. It works like a charm with my R320. It also has LightScribe labels and a whole lot more. Definitely worth the money.