Epson Photo 2100 - blockage problem



First let me start off by saying that this is a fabulous printer - the quality is unbeatable, with both paper output and printed CD/DVDs. I’ve had the beast for over 2 years now, and if I’m honest, it’s seen some hammer.

Over the last few weeks I’ve had a recurring problem with blocked inkjet on light magenta. No amount of cleaning gets rid of the problem long term, although 3 or 4 cleans (one after the other) will clear the blockage for a while - but it comes back. The fact that it’s only 1 colour (out of 7 fitted) leads me to think that it’s not a problem with the replacement ink I’m using. Cleaning is getting expensive, not to mention the amount of wasted ink which is collecting on the docking gizzmo, the spongy bit the head sits on when not in use - mine became totally saturated. I’ve managed to syphon some of the excess off with kitchen towels - but it still looks saturated.

I’ve made some enquiries on the cost of a new head and docking parts and was surprised how expensive they are when compared to the cost of a new printer.

£300+ UK pounds for the parts plus fitting.

I’m going to attempt an overhaul/clean myself - and here’s where you guys come in. Any tips, tricks of the trade, links to appropriate info on the web would be appreciated.

If I manage to clear the problem (fingers crossed) I’ll post a step-by-step guide on how it was done. Failure and I’ll have to bin the bloody thing and buy a new one.


im not sure if this will work or not but i worked on my dads printer
get some cotton wool (any sort) and something like nail varnish remover and gently clean the ink cartrige(s)
hope this helps


I highly recommend getting a cleaning kit like the ones from
This technique will thoroughly clean most any blockages. As a general cleaning solvent, use ammonia or ammonia based window cleaner. But you have to get the solvent into the ink passages in the head.