Epson CDPrint software misses the media

My Epson PrintCD software misses the media by a cool 2cm, spraying the inside of the Epson R300 with ink - a diabolical result.

It previews with this bizarre offset of approx. 22mm from right and 12mm from top, and prints!!! with this offset.

Any clues anyone?


I don’t have an epson but do have a Canon. In the software supplied to print the disc’s I have a control in software that lets me adjust the print position. Go to the help file and see if you have a similar arrangement in your software. This will require setting up or there may be a default position!
Hope this helps.

EPSON Print CD is bloody junk!

I use SureThing’s labeler Deluxe and I haven’t noticed any spraying.

Also I find it odd, how can the printer spray inside when you have a large CD tray - If it misses the actual media by 2cm then it would spray on the CD tray itself, not the inside printer, unless your printer is posessed by evil spirits, in which case you are probably using the EPRON R666 Limited edition :slight_smile:

First things first… Always check that you are setting up the tray properly. Align the white arrow on the tray with the arrow on the lid, don’t insert the tray too far in the printer, keep it aligned with the arrow.

I have never had this happen to me.

#2 get a better software:
(you won’t regret it)

#3 Make sure you print a calibration CD and adjust any offsets manually inside the software.