Epson CD/DVD Printers


Has anyone used these Epson printers that can print on CD/DVDs? If so, what is your opinion(s)? Worth the money?



very good


EPSOM R300 is a good start for direct cd\dvd printing and i would say worth the money for that alone also it has a memory card reader…

Thank you for the responses. I appreciate it.

I am actually more interested in the cheaper model (R200?) as I already have an HP 7960 photo printer with a card reader. If I get one of these it will be used exclusively for printing DVDs and the once in a while CD.

Thanks again!

Yep the R200, the only difference is the card slots and little screen for direct printing is not on it. Print quality i good and cheep to run on compats.

I’ve got the R800, love it.

300 works great

Iv’e got the R300, brilliant, the R200 is the same but without the “Bells & Whistles”.

>>>I am actually more interested in the cheaper model (R200?)<<<

I own the R200. Its print quality and its speed is exactly the same as the R300. It is only lacking in the “bells and whistles” as mentioned above (the card reader, and a preview display).

I paid $70 on sale. It was a clearance. It has been replaced, now by a new model, which sells for more than the $90 - $100 which the Epson had typically been selling for the last several months. If you can still find the R200, it will probably be a terrific buy – jump on it. Otherwise, look for its replacement, but it is around $120 to $130, since it was just released.

And, yes, I love my Epson. Mine is also a dedicated machine, used only for the DVD and CD printing. I have a higher end HP machine for photo printing, faxing, scanning, card reading, etc.


I also have the R200. Purchased direct from Epson for $70 shipped. It was refurbished but who cares. Very nice, especially for an Epson. I use it strictly for printing on CD/DVDs and it does a very nice job. I have a Canon for my photos.



The Epson R300 is an Excellent Printer. You can find it on the CompUSA site this week for $79.99 after rebates. You can view and or purchase it at: