Epson CD/DVD Printers

Just for the record, I have gathered some informations about models R200, R300 and R800, since I am thinking to buy a model of this “R” series.

About printing engine/quality, it seems that the R200 and R300 models are really the same.

When it comes to the R800, it is a different story.

While the R200/R300 use the standard 6-color pattern (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, aka CcMmYK) with 6 separate cartridges, the R800 uses an 8-color set, more precisely: Photo Black, Matte Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Blue, Red, and Gloss Optimizer. The last one is a transparent pigment that gives “uniform gloss coverage for prints that look like traditional photo lab prints”, while blue and red inks give an increased color gamut similar to Silver Halide, ideal for sky, sea, sunset and autumnal scenes.

Another difference: the R200 and R300 use a minimum 3 picoliter droplet size, while the R800 has an 1.5 picoliter droplet size.

There are other differences not related to photo quality, like USB2 interface for models R200, R300 and USB2/Firewire for the model R800.

Here you can find the brochures for the R200, the R300 and the R800 models (from the UK Epson Website).

I must say that the R800 is expensive but really appealing… :stuck_out_tongue:

Regards, ET

Howdy folks, I am bout to pull the trigger on the R200 myself. I have heard some people say that the “white” printable media is better than the “silver” printable media and vice versa. Does anyone have experience with both? Which is better?

my friend who has one showed me some of the cd’s he had made and he was using the white printable media and he had a couple of them smear a little on him. I have made several with the siver media and none of them have smeared any.

I did notice that the whilr media ( which was memorex) was smooth and “slick” feeling while the verbatim silver has a rough texture to it.

I use the Verbitan Printable DVD`s which has a rough white surface & the print quality is first class on Text/image setting the DVD will smudge if not left for 24hrs if printing to the centre of the DVD (23mm) this is because of the clear plastic writting at this point. You are warned of this when you click on the print icon at the last stage. I have rubbed a tissue across the writing surface at the centre point after 24hrs & there is no ink smudge to be seen!
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