Epson Artisan Printers

Friday, Sep 28 - Fry’s has the Artisan 730 for $99.
Recommended for at-least-weekly direct-on-disk printing.

This 7-series is the ‘flat bed’ scanner version while the Artisan 8’s are the sheet-feeder version/

The Artisans use an ink-reservoir concept for printing so that a print task is completed and then “out of ink” status is displayed. The predecessor RX-series stopped print-jobs mid-stream, pretending realignment-and-print-continuation could be achieved with micro-pixel perfection. The original R-series calculated how much ink any cartridge had remaining and issued STOP-CHANGE CARTRIDGE warnings before a print job. Even that was preferable to the delusional RX choice.

The Artisan’s is my clear preference of all three.

I should have noted - $99 for these Artisan 7-series is not unusual. Every 2 months or so, I see this price being bandied about, either at Epson’s store or some retail outlet.

Epson sometimes offers $79 for refurb models.

Nice find :clap:

Slightly off-topic, just like to mention my experience with my new Epson Workforce 845. My Canon multi-function at the office died a couple months ago, and looking for a replacement saw this new Epson office machine. At the time, BestBuy was blowin’ em out for $99.00. What???
This thing is supposed to be the fastest 2 sided print/copy/scan/fax machine in the world. 500 page paper trays, WiFi, ethernet, cloud-print compatible, memory card/USB reader. Though I’ve learned my lesson with “if it seems too good to be true…” many times over, I had to jump on it and give it a go.

It absolutely does it all, does it very well, and truly sips ink in the process.
Black cart still over 1/2 full after 2 mo. daily copy/print/fax duties. I love it :clap:

Worth considering for any in the market for an office AIO

Dean, thanks. I’ve never had any experience with the WorkForce, but now I can recommend those.

I see Epson has a new direct-on-disk printer called Expression Premium XP-600 ($150, with flat scanner) and -800 ($279 sheet-feeder scanner). I’m uncertain if these are the eventual replacements for the Artisans but I immediately hope not.

One of the terrible things that HP Deskjets did was introduce a silly middle-of-project “PhotoQuality Print Cartridge” - where the printer would print a quandrant or a block, back up and make the user exchange one of the ink-cartridges, and that quandrant would be glazed over. And back and forth, back and forth. What nonsense…

Well, Epson apparently is doing that with these Expression-Premiums.

There’s a Home Version, too ($99) but it doesn’t offer On-Disk printing.

Do they really need to make these MORE confusing?!!

I hadn’t noticed that new line. One can hope that the Expression line is simply aimed at the home user with limited desk space and the Artys will keep going strong :).

That’s another plus with the Workforce. Though quite tall, the desktop footprint is about the smallest I’ve seen in a business class AIO.

The Artisans have a huge desktop footprint - 18 wide X 22 inches deep (there’s a curl-back ‘drum’ that attaches onto the back of the printer for ‘auto dual-sided printing’, and that adds about 3-inches to the depth) - about a 2x3 inch larger footprint than the predecessor RX-series. This makes the Artisans comparable to the old, real-office HP LaserJet 4 printers.

That’s the only ‘caution’ I have about the Artisans - “you’ll be clearing off a lot more desk-space than you realize…”

The Disk Printing mechanism is now an “escalator tray” - instead of a manual tray like the R- and RX-series offered, a push-button starts the Eject-to-Load-Position process, then I snap the disk onto a center-peg, then press the same CD Button again and the tray is swallowed up inside for quicker printing, then the tray reappears. Rub-a-dub-dub - no genies, but here’s that tray again.

Cats love it.

This feed-tray is very light and flimsy-feeling but we’ve had some units that have done 8,000 disks and they still work fine, so maybe Epson DOES have some real engineers somewhere… tucked away…

The best change from their previous disk-printers remains the choice of when to alert to out-of-ink conditions. I didn’t care for the original R-Series telling me, “Sorry, your ink supply is too low to complete the next-print-job, so change the cartridge now.” But very good clone-cartridges were available for 75-80% savings so I accepted “wasting a penny or two” with my usual magnanimous grace (cough cough, choke choke).

The RX-series’ choice was completely delusional, though. My above wisecrack about Epson having real engineers must be tempered by the choices someone made in RX-software production that stopped printing mid-disk and forced a cartridge change AND the tray ejection and re-load, as if a manually fed genuine-plastic-tray could be perfect-to-micro-pixel re-inserted and realigned. Completely delusional. And the RX-printheads were forcing Genuine Epson Claria ink because the clog-problems with ‘clone’ ink were quickly exposed - within a few print-jobs, the clogged clone-cartridges would reveal themselves. “What happened to Yellow?!!”

The decision of having a reservoir of ink, sufficient to complete any print-job and then ‘alert to out-of-ink’ status is the best choice. I’d be happy if they’d return the original R-series printheads and let us use $2 cartridges instead of Claria’s $10-12 ones. Honestly… 40,000-sq micropixels vs. 4,000 - what does Epson think we’re doing? Printing money?!!

“Can you change this $100 CD for me? I used a real TY disk to print on so even though it’s round, it’s really good!”

As the Workforce has it’s 2-sided paper tranport internal, it shaves that down to a 17.5"x14.5" footprint. It seems they unleashed those 2 clever engineers that they keep tucked in the closet on this one ;).

The set of refillable carts that I purchased for the 845 are still sitting idly to the side, much to my surprise.

I do love that built-in disc tray on the Arty. No more worrying about when that accessory-type tray is going to start getting fussy about feeding in.

Another bonus with the stationary carts in the Arty is how well that lends itself to using a CISS with it. No more adjusting ink supply ribbons just so to avoid getting caught up in a moving print head.

Dean, we’ve looked into CISS and enjoyed those on dozens of the original R-series, but the current crop (for RX- and Art’s) can’t or don’t supply Claria and the clogs are literally 2-3 pages away when the clone ink is intro’d. Then, it takes 5-10% of a Real Claria cartridge to unclog it.

Instead of fighting the Clone Cartridge makers, Epson seems to have developed an ink that apparently is not legally duplicable. Or else we just haven’t found that supplier. But there’s always hope…

I really wish Kodak’s printers could do on-disk printing - with their “genuine $5 ink cartridges”. I’d LOVE to support a company that didn’t take a pillage-and-plunder attitude toward their Supplies customers. Or maybe I should say, “adopt heroin dealer tactics”.

Ya need it, eh? REALLY need it?!! Hmmm…

Been using the CISS and ink in my RXs and Artys from a particular seller for years. If anything, less prone to clog than OEM. Also has a richer looking black than the OEM claria, got spoiled on the higher contrast real quick. Though it does mean bumping the brightness control up a tad on some prints. Don’t mind that, myself.

He does sell a set of refillable carts you could try just to check out the ink before you commit to the CISS :).

Thanks for the CISS vendor tip. I found the sub-forum on printers (argh - it only took me a few months!) and see a variety of discussions on this topic.

I see that today, Oct 1, the Epson Store is selling the Artisan 730 for $99 but shipping is $10. This isn’t too extraordinary - every few months, they offer this price, sometimes with free-shipping.

And we have perfect experiences with the Refurb units, and we’ll buy the 7-series (710s, 720s, 725s) as valid replacements for each other. There are some Wireless Setup differences, and some claimed Print-Speed Differences but nothing appreciable. Those are often sold in the $75-with-free-shipping ranges so I always recommend “get two”.

It also appears the new Epson Expression printers will be the replacement series for the Artisans at some point - months away, likely. This means the Artisans will be on sale more often.

I don’t give an aftermarket ink reco lightly. I’ve also gone through the hassles of poor quality ink sludging up my printers. Give the carts a go, and if you decide to try a CISS for the Artys, stop back for some recos on the best way to set one up. Involves moving a small magnet and taping it on the prong that contains a sensor designed to keep us from getting away with this :). I also prefer popping the scanner assembly hinge loose to route the hoses out the back of the unit. Looks neater. Youtube vids available.

I’ve also found myself at the Epsonstore looking at one of their killer clearance refurb deals and deciding, gotta get 2 at this price :slight_smile:

Be interesting to see if the Expression line uses the stationary ink cart setup like the Artys, allowing for that “finish the job” capability that the Artisan enjoys. The fact that the ink travels from the cartridge, through CISS-like tubes, to the printhead which has a small ink reservoir allows enough ink left to finish a job when the cart signals “empty”.