Epson Artisan 800

First I want to apologize for bringing up this topic again. But I forgot to ask a question with this topic. I don’t mean to waste your time and I will try to do my best in the future not to do this again. I have a HP L7680 and
want to get away from paper labels. Some of you recommend that the Epson Artisan 800 was a good printer for me to get. I Issue was HOW IS THE SCANNER ON THIS PRINTER, I need to scan in photos and invitations. Would you suggest getting a separate sanner or a different printer altogether. My main concern that I get a good image on my DVD from my JPEG. Hope to learn from you within TIME!:bow::bow:

I have read and heard that the Artisan 800 is a very good scanner it is bound to be as
good or better than the scanner on my RX595 and it is a fantastic scanner so the 800
must be even better. :iagree:

My employer is currently working on the epson contract… I admit they are good but when they go out they go all the way. Drop me a PM with specific questions and I’ll answer what I can.

**Note if you get one get a spare set of ink cartridges. THe initial startup charge uses 30% of the cartridge.

its a great scanner and has great software to back it up. once you learn how it works, you’ll soon figuer out it only scans the object in if you put it in the right spot…which is really nice for certain things

in other words if you put a picture in, it will scan just the picture so you don’t have a picture and a huge white background along with it