EPro dvd+r 8x -> Handmade?!

Hey, i just opened a new pack of 100 EPRO’s and i realised that the center plated of the disc isn’t round.
I seems it was made by people on LSD :confused:
Look at it

Every disc is like that, but on the previous hubs there wasn’t that thing…
My doubt is, will the disc work continuously?

Here’s a scan:

I dont quite understand what you mean, but it just looks like the reinforcing ring with the batch/build numbers on it, I would be more concerned if it was not there.

Yeah, that ring with the batch numbers… never seen it like that, always completely circular, not like that.

Hey at least it’s not effecting the quality :slight_smile: Great burn

Uh isn’t that the dye, which has flowed over the silver layer, making you think the silver part is uneven?

I’m pretty sure all discs are like this.

Like cd pirate suggested looks like the dye flowed over the silver. I have TY cd-r’s that also have this. THis doesn’t affect quality !

That’s great, thanks.
Thought i got 100 dvds for giveaways… lol.

I made those discs and yes LSD was the drug of choice that day mixed with lots of pot.

I really don’t see what you are talking about? Sorry old man here with glasses :doh:

I had some of the minus variety of ePro 8x…nice discs. Wish I’d got some more.

LOL @ the topic title!
Using this logic, lots of my Verbatims are also “handmade” :bigsmile: