Episodic DVD

I am trying to make an episodic DVD, it’s standard definition. My current method is as follows. DVD Shrink- Make an ISO of the DVD. Handbrake-rip the video for storage on an external hard drive that way all the xboxes and computers in the house can play them through the network. The problem i have is The 8 episodes are split into Four titles, but not 2 per title. So it works out like this episode 1 is title 1, and so is half of episode 2 the other half of episode 2 is on title 2. My question is how am i supposed to rip it to where i have 8 individual episodes instead of a jumbled mess.

thanks in advance!

You can use DVDShrink in ReAuthor mode and use the Start/End Frame tool to choose the exact beginning and end of each episode. Save each one separately as a small dvd-video.

Thank you for the help! I ended up getting it all copied the way i needed it, Just for future reference, If you are using Handbrake after you re author the DVD keep an eye on your CPU usage if it drops during encoding so does the audio. When i encode CPU usage is at about 85 percent when the audio drops the cpu usage drops to about 35-40 percent. Ended up having half without audio, re encoded and all was fine.