Episode V: Avatar History Log Strikes Back!



Yeeeeeees I have finally thrown away the old one, which was so complicated I had forgotten how I built it in the first place, and replaced it with a new version that not only features 400% less fake 45° gifs, but can also be updated!

So go and click my signature link now, you know you want to. Right there.


This is what you call massive? :confused:


That coming from a man who doesnt even have one :smiley:


Damn I have been replaced. :frowning:



Yup - that’s pretty massive alright - he-he


Yes! Fear Airheads massive sized avatar collection.

On a side note … I love the[size=4]insaneHat[size=2].
Of course, someone with that many avatars in such a short time is obviously mentally unstable :stuck_out_tongue:

Compare Domi … the sanest individual on the planet … has changed his avatar once (or was it twice) in 5 years … not to mention debro, closely following Domis sanity with only 3 or 4 avatar changes in the history of cdfreakind.