Episode II

Just got back from the midnight showing of Star Wars, and damn it is cool…
The 2.5 hours of the film culminate to a final showdown of ultra-leet ass-whoopin by everyone’s favorite Frank Oz character.
And very little Jar Jar!
Stop making coasters for a minute and go see the movie!

I will! :slight_smile:

I’ll see it when it comes out on DVD…

Rather see a good comedy…

Dear friends…

I am going tonight!!


Dang you! :wink:

went to the theater yesterday, and it was very impressive!!! not only the special FX, but also the story (and the acting)

damn shame that Yoda is now fully computer-rendered, though

good to hear people actually say it was good although some of my friends who went last night at around 2 in the morning said it was good :slight_smile: