ePerformance CD-Rs

my friend’s got a 50 spindle of em…quite cheap, bout $18.

who’s the manufacturer?
any good?


grreat! it’s almost like my friend’s a wholesale buyer of Prodisc now–he’s got spindles of SmartBuy, ePerformance, & Pine…+a spindle of crap OfficeDepot cdrs!

so these 32x rated ePeformance discs…
ANY good at all??

me & him share blank cds, both of us got 24x writers.

Do you mean E-Proformance? Thought I had mentioned these a month ago - not so good, in fact many are piss-poor.

They give lots of yellow sectors and slow-downs, currently around 10% are bad for me with my Plextor 241040a.

SVP stopped selling them on their main page soon after stocking them, and someone else mentioned they sent virtually the whole lot back. They look well put together, pitty their performance is very poor.

Any discs that have a high percentage of slow-down / yellow sector (or occasional red sector) discs are poor - good should be all green with no slow down.


I just bought a 25 spindle of thses 32x silver and the ATIP says:

/// Date: Saturday, September 28, 2002, 03:07
/// Comment: eProformance32x

Media : CD-R/RW media
Media : CD-R media
Subtype: Medium Type C, low Beta category (C-)
Disc(Matrix) Manufacturer : Prodisc Technology Inc.
Recording Characteristics : Short Strategy Type (ex. Phthalocyanine type media)
Indicative Target Writing Power : 6 mW
Use : Restricted
Capacity (nominal) : 702.83 Mb

I have yet to burn any as I just got them last night for 11$CDN which is most reasonable around here (Canada). There were spindles of 50 and 100 but wanted to make sure I would not regret a larger purchase…