EPC safedisk 4.81.000



Dear experts

I have an Electronic Parts Catalogue in DVD and although i have the genuine copy from in-out the drive now it will start not working.

The first DVD was damaged and i bought the second one and this is not a cheap way

It has safedisc protection 2/3 4 81 000 (i beleive)

I tried Alcohol 120 nothing …it requests the genuine one

Is there a killer for that protection?

I want to make it an image file so with daemon tools to be able to have it ready as i do with another software TIS with the same way

Any serious help will be appreciated

My greetings from Greece


See excellent tutorial by kalas-


[quote=philamber;2002338]See excellent tutorial by kalas-

Nothing nothing nothing

I tried everything even daemon tools pro and still needs the original disk

i made a copy befor 6 months but i do not remember the way i did that

Please someone help!!!