I just made a back-up copy of Envy with AnyDVD & CloneDVD2.5.4.3

Now all i did was take out the widescreen version of the movie. It gave me a 100% qulaity on the meter. So i burned my back-up with Nero. when i play it everything comes out fine. Its asks me what version i want and i select fullscreen. Now when it goes to the main menu i get the normal selections.

Play, Scene, Etc. etc…

If i select play i can hear my stand alone player looking through the disk but it just stops… Now if i go to the main screen and select scene selection and then select the first scene it will play the movie completely flawlessly. I am wondering is this something i did wrong or did anyone else get the same thing?


I backed up choosing the 16:9 format using AnyDVD and CloneDVD and didn’t have any problems. I clicked Play Movie and it started right up.

I had a similar experience, only I choose to keep the widescreen.
When the menu came up and I clicked on fullscreen the disk froze and would not proceed. Idiot, should have expected this because it was looking for something that’s not there. I did it just as a test in case I lend it to someone to view, and they want the fullscreen mode. Have to mark the DVD to only select widescreen. Unlike yours, when I selected widescreen it played just as it should. I never included the fullscreen since it took up too much space and quality would be lost.
Method used in CloneDVD,Copy DVD Titles, and preserve menus.

Moral of the story, whenever I come across disks that have the menu option for selecting formats, instead of putting the formats on either side of the disk, I must either mark them, or do movie only with no menu as not to confuse others borrowing the disks. More than likely it would be me that is confused when I try to play it back in a year or so and forgetting what I did.
Hmmm, so what was it I had for breakfast this morning?

Maybe others may suggest a better way, I know of none.