ENVISAGER 5050 Software Update



I have installed software of a different receiver on ENVISAGER 5050 and now it is not working and I can’t even install its origional software using loader because it comes up with an error that STB Not Found. Only red light is ON nothing is displayed on screen just a logo of ENVISION is displayed and then comes the black screen. What should i do now? Is there any way to Restore Origional Software and Erase currently installed? Please help me.


You deadflashed it, buy a new one. Your fault, sorry.


Hi there thanx for your response, I am new to this business, There are two SDRAMS of ESMT 50 PIN ,Numbered M12L16161A-7TG, Can i install a new one by myself? Is there any thing to be done before installing a new flash or any other precautions?Can you guide me a little more to undo my fault because I dont wanna let my father know about it :(…


Stick in one thread please. :cop: