Environmental Noise Negations?

Anyone from those high powers can furhish me with an DSP plugin that could have environmental noise negation and cancellation capability that potentially cancel out noise computers is to my best regards and praise. Thanks.

Adobe Audition has excellent noise reduction facilities, but it’s not cheap!

If your problem is noise being picked up inside your computer, it may be time for a better sound card.


I think you have missed my point, it is not thq noise produced in recording/encoding or replaying. What I am referring to is the noise from my computer, mainly consists of fans hummings. :slight_smile:

It was electrical noise picked up inside the computer that I was thinking of. I don’t think the pickup is audio - I think it’s electrical.

If you’re getting fan noise, it could be that you’ve got a particularly badly suppressed fan - in which case identifying and changing that fan would help.

Overall, a problem with poor immunity on the sound card can sometimes be solved with a better sound card, though a PC case is actually a fairly hostile environment for sensitive electronics.