Entirely different disc quality results

Lately I started checking my media again on different burners to check the quality of the discs…
On Liteon 811S HSOR and NEC 3520A default
while checking the same burned DVD in in DVDInfoPro and KProbe I get entirely different results. in Kprobe the results are poor (PI=741 PIF=7.2 as averages) with the normal 8/1 setting a 4x reading while on DVDInfoPro scanning at 8x I get results which are more normal with PI of about 60 and a PIF of 2 or so. Are my settings in Kprobe so wrong or something?

Scan them with Nero CD-DVD Speed for another perspective. I generally don’t scan with DVDInfoPro; KProbe and CD Speed seem more reliable IMO.

I second that. :iagree:

K then, but it was the Kprobe scan that was so weird… when I slammed it in the player it played perfectly it’s so weird… oh well maybe it was a fluke or something.

slammed it? :rolleyes:
poor disc. :stuck_out_tongue:

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