Entertainment industry thriving despite their claims regarding piracy

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So far the whole world recognizes it, but the mpaa/riaa are conveniently ignoring it.

Obviously the elephant in the room is that the entertainment industry is looking for tax type levies to augment their already obscene profits …

Some of the books I read these days deal with English and Dutch pirates against Spain, French pilots against everyone else, Japanese pirates against Ming China and Chosun. Those pirates should stop calling PC users pirates.

sorry debro. you missed out the even more important ones that are, like the entertainment industries, ignoring all the facts and they are the politicians and the governments. they are doing whatever the industries tell them to do. they use nothing other than the information given to them by the industries and the ‘encouragements’ in little brown envelopes. just a few days ago, there was a report about how the entertainment business was worth £35 billion to the UK. that was a figure that was thrown around a while ago in the USA and it referred to the GLOBAL amount! however, the good old thick ******* in the UK are using it as there only. then they used the figures of 1.5 million UK jobs in the industries. same thing, not referring to the UK at all, but will be used as there just to enhance the case for locking people up.
what has made things so much worse is, as usual, these figures are being used by the European Commission as being truthful, as fact and, like everyone else that has the power to use or not use the figures, is going down the road of accepting them without question. they will, however, ignore the sensible and unbiased report from the LSE, just because they can and just because that doesn’t insist that people get locked up for sharing!!

Do we want to see how bad the entertainment industry is doing? Look at the ever-increasing budgets for movies.

Has it EVER gone down? And then, how can the industry be doing worse? Just more of the Big Lie, the sky-is-falling stuff. I know a large segment of the population buys into it, but it’s simply amazing that they don’t read papers AND REMEMBER them from one moment to the next.

In the sarcastic words of a very wise bird: “Oh, there’s a big surprise! That’s incredible, I think I’m going to have a heart attack and die from that surprise!”

Seriously, who are they trying to fool? IfnI were a member of congress, I would suggest that corporate Hollywood PROVE these “loses” before considering anything they say. If they were to do that, there would probably be a fair use exception for cracking DRM for all non-piracy purposes.

[QUOTE=kevpc;2702973]sorry debro. you …[/QUOTE]

You must love writing in lower case only except for some acronyms and some other words you want to stress.

I guess the music industry isn’t the gravy train it used to be, but they so overcharged for it… that its still profitable.

As for movies. It was really only the invention of DVD where they started to get saddles of extra cash for home video revenue. Videotapes were never as popular and until the late 80s were only available as rentals.

IE most of the profits of a movie came from the box office and that really hasn’t change. You’ve got rental revenue (Which now comes in the form of online rentals) and still alot more home video money than you did back then. They aren’t hurting.

As long as they don’t price theatre tickets out of the market and still make theatre the only place to see the new movies they’ll get that revenue.