Enter The Matrix HELP

I want to make a backup copy of ‘Enter the matrix’ i have been reading some of the other atticles about copying it but they all seem too confusing:confused:

i was wondering if anybody can tell me how to copy it, in simple terms. i have got, nero, alcohol 120% and clone cd ( i can get any versions, which ever work best)

Thanx for ya Help

DAN :bigsmile:

Pc Specs

MSI KT4V-L Motherboard
AMD 1800+ athlon xp
256mb pc 2100 ram
BenQ 48x16x48 cdrw
mamorex 16x32 dvd drive
western digital 40gig hdd

All the steps are here, but I’ll sum it up.

  1. Make a CloneCD image with CloneCD or Alcohol 120% (in CCD format)

  2. Make a MDS with Alcohol (i.e. start making image in Alcohol format for SecuROM New) and cancel after it makes the media density file.

  3. Convert to BWA with BWA builder.

  4. Use twinpeaks to add it to the image.

  5. Burn with CloneCD

Where do i get BWA builder from???

and when i create a clone cd image (ccd) it also create 2 other files, image.img and image.sub. do i need these or shall i delete um? i am using clonecd version

Thanx alot


BWA Builder comes with Blindwrite. Just install the trial. Yes you need to keep the other two files. .img is the CD contents, .sub is the subchannel information.

Thanx, i have figured it out now!

i was creating the mds file usind the secuROM new* and i need to make the mds file using the secuROM new (4.x)

when i patched the file using twinpeaks it patches al the files. thanx for ya help


with the bwa file the is a curve but it isnt smooth anyway of getting this better??? there are no very heigh peeks they are just all small, looks ok from a distance but up close all jagged

Originally posted by ukvirushunter
i was creating the mds file usind the secuROM new* and i need to make the mds file using the secuROM new (4.x)

From the guide

The datatype setting to use is securom new (not securom new 4.x)

For BWA files there is a tool called BWAEdit

Ok Where do i download bwaedit??? is it better than the bwabuilder that comes with blindwrite???

BWAEdit is for editing BWA files, not creating them. And I’ve never needed to use it if I do mds=>bwa, so I’ve no idea how it works.

Get it here

Which disk do u need to copy using a bwa file??? all or just the play disk???


i now have a working copy of ‘enter the matrix’ works on my laptop and desktop pc’s without emulation, it was realy easy, thanx alot