Ent. industries demand Supreme Court to overturn P2P ruling

I just posted the article Ent. industries demand Supreme Court to overturn P2P ruling.

 Several  dozen entertainment industry companies including Hollywood and record companies  joined in asking the US Supreme Court reverse a lower appeals court decision  ruling that the developers...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9214-Ent_-industries-demand-Supreme-Court-to-overturn-P2P-ruling.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9214-Ent_-industries-demand-Supreme-Court-to-overturn-P2P-ruling.html)

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…Well those of you wondering if The “Devil” really exists there’s your Answer (not Ali G.)

The ent industry might receive an upleasant surprise if it goes to U.S. Supreme Court against Kazzaa style p2p. The high court is more likely to re-instate the First Amendment rights of Napster type set-ups – which lower courts shut down because they could not possibly cut out the milions of expamles of copyrighted material posted on their computers by outsiders, not by themselves. No possible way to keep up – yet the open matieral baby was tossed out with the copyrighted bath water – something the Court is much more likely to take a dim view of than of any VCR equivalent software. Denis Drew ddrew2u@comcast.net

Wasn’t it corporate america that coined the phrase “outsourcing”. With the music and film industry directors outsourcing, shitty hollywood productions, plastic bands, cloned singers, the RIAA and MPAA have a reason to be afraid, that which they previously held in a death grip is slipping from their grasp. P2P is only ONE way for the consumer to say “jammit, I’ve had enough”…:X

Would these bastards stop complaining about P2P and give me a pharking break…:frowning: Manufactured pops result in sales decline not P2P. Let P2P be used as a sampling device so people like me can sample the music (and buy them if they are good) in the comfort of my own home instead of lining up at the shop and eventually told we are not allowed to sample the new music. Phaaaaaaaaaaaaark!..
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Guess they’ll try to argue that the creators of software that allow sharing of legitimate documents (like http://www.outragedmoderates.org/ ) should be put to the rack… I mean obviously, P2P doesn’t have any legitimate uses. {rolleyes}