Enquiring about surefire book type method



Could somebody recommend a surefire, elegant, simple way to set “book type” from dvd+rw (or dvd+r) single layer and double layer media to dvd rom?

I am using dvdfab platinum and setting it to automatically change the booktype to “rom” on my dvd backups, but this seems to be “hit and miss”; when I go to play the dvd’s in my cold-war relic of a dvd player hooked up to my tv, I get “no disc” messages" or “bad disc type” messages.

I have splotchy success with imgburn and dvd-decrypter in navigating to changing the book type to rom as well. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.

My dvd burner is a sony drx-830u.

I should also mention that I have Nero 7 at my disposal.

Bottom line is that I would like to be able to take disks that Nero, imgburn, and dvdDecrypter all see as “erasable” and having data on them and being of type “dvd+r” or “dvd+rw” and making them rom.



Under “Extra” is bitsetting. There are other utilities as well. Some drives retain the setting and some do not.

[U]Booktyping or Bitsetting is not a guarantee that a dvd will play in a stand-alone player. [/U] Your best bet to increase the chance of a disc successfully playing is to use quality media, booktype to ROM and reduce the burning speed (12X or 8X). In addition, ensure you have the latest firmware (your drive is a new model so it is likley it is current).

Some players are finicky and some models within a manufacturer’s product line are finicky.


Thanks Jeff - at the .com site, going to the download link ( http://www.cdspeed2000.com/go.php3?link=download.html ) I find a number of downloadable options that might fit what you are pointing me to for using…

…which one are you recommending from the download page?

Thanks, as always, for your excellent responses!


Nero CD Speed and there is another thread that is talking about the same general subject. I’ll try to find that as well.

By the way, this is a stand-alone application that is also in Nero.

Here is the other thread as well as Chef’s recommendation for imgburn.



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