Enquiries About GSA-4163B drive's Firmware Update



I just bought an OEM Hitachi-LG 4163B DVD-Writter , i wonder can my burner’s firmware upgradable to da’ latest firmware A102 ?
I asked the person who sell the unit to me , as he mention that , firmware flashing at your own risk , and i won’t be guaranttee for it …
Is it safe for me to flash the firmware of the non-retail unit ?
and if something’s goes wrong ? does it means the end to my burner ?
I’m currently stuck at 4X burning on most media available in the market , i don’t know what really happen to my drive … hmm DMA mode is ok , and cable just working fine , and i am burning it using Nero Burning ROm da’ most recent version . just that . the only option i can choose the burn was 2X , 2.4 X and 4 X no matter an 8X media was insert into the drive … hehe ~~
Well wish someone will help me out in this matter ~

Thanks in advance


Hitachi or LG doesn’t make difference for firmware. What is important for you is that who does the warranty for your drive. Ask the retailer.


What media are you using?



your timing is excellent because you can now update to A103.

YUDEN T02 +R 8X will copy at 12X in the 4163B.