Enough Power supplied to my PC?

Hi i have a p4 3.0Ghz Prescott , ASUS P4C800 motherboard, GEforce 6800 graphics card 1024 DDR 400Mhz RAM. I recently bought a new processor fan due to my old one dying on me and this required a molex connector wheras the original didnt. Once i connected it however my graphics card - which as u may know requires 2 molex connectors came up on screen and said i didnt have enough power. I then removed the spare hard drive power and both dvd rw drives and now the power warning does not come up, but during gameplay and general pc activity every so often the computer goes into incredible slow down for about 10 seconds then goes bk to normal high quality speed and quality. I am supposed to have a 500W power supply though i am doubting that it is that and so just double checking that there is nothing else anyone thinks is wrong with my pc be4 i go and buy a new power supply and what power would u recommend as i was thinkiing of 600W just to be sure.
hope u can point me in the right direction as that is the only thing i can see that the problem would be

The W rating given to most PSUs is just marketing garbage. There is so much more to a good power supply than simply having insert numberW rating. Stick with known reputable brands. I use an Antec True 480W. If you search the forum, you should find plenty of discussion and recommendations. If you have lots of other peripherals (HDs, optical drives, fans, PCI cards, ect…) buy the highest rating you can afford from a quality company. PC Power & Cooling is supposed to make very high quality PSU’s, but they cost a small fortune.

For PSU’s… No Name = No Game!!!

I had an atnec 350W PSU powering my 3200+ gig of ram 4 optical drives, 3 hards drives, water cooler, and a bunch of cold cathodes, and 5 pci card and it powered everything. Then I added one more optical drive and it wouldn’t boot. But now I have 2 350W hooked together so I should have enough now. :slight_smile: