Enough is enough



I think I’ve had enough! at my old age all I want is an O/S that does what windows 7 does. It looks good and works fine for me. My wife and I have quite a few desktops and lappies between us. Two of them have windows 8.1 AND IT DRIVES US BOTH GARROTY! As for 10 it seems all the posts I’ve read on different forums as well as this one bar a few dislike it for many different reasons, from what I can see, I really don’t like the idea, or the look of it at all. Well I’m sorry to say enough is enough.

I’m now looking for a MAC for both of us, I never thought I would do that, but for my needs now connected to the net I think that will do nicely. All the Windows rigs will keep 7 until it’s defunct and then the machines will be mostly scrapped, one or two will be kept to run older programmes, but disconnected from the net as is my XP rig.

My only enjoyment in life was building computers, now I feel there is no O/S worth using on a PC. I can’t get on with Linux it’s just too bitty. All good things come to an end, I suppose I could take up basket weaving? If I keep on with Microsoft, I think I will become a basket case anyway. :eek:


I know how you feel. When you get old you like things that are comfortable for you. I hate the thought of having to switch from W7 to 10 and find and install all the programs I like. I will probably won’t update to W10. Too much of a change from what I have. My workhorse is still a XP machine and my other that I use to make my DVD backups is a W7 and I still get confused trying to figure out how to do some things on it. It takes about 1 GiG of memory just for the operating system and that is with no gadgets running.
Oh yeah while I’m on old age my hearing is not up to par and I wish DVDs and BD disk came with the option of having background music running or not.


G Ivan,
It’s not so much the doing, it’s the O/S and the way Microsoft are rail roading people like sheep in to using 10. It seems to me that privacy is a thing of the past, yeah, OK you can get around some of it, but like many others, I don’t trust Microsoft and as someone else said on a forum somewhere, they have “previous”

I very recently modded, updated and reprogrammed a rig for my wife, or I should say the charity she runs. That took about three days, on and off, most of the time was the myriad of almost non stop updates from MS At least it was Windows 7 and it saved them a load of money they don’t have. Yes, I’m nearly 64 now and I don’t mind change at all, it’s changing to something I don’t like that bothers me.


I understand what you are saying. I too think the younger generations are willing to give up their privacy without much thought of the consequences. But then living with everything about their lives being splayed for all to see is all they have known. I will fight to keep what privacy I can for myself for as long as I am able.

As for Windows 10, or any OS, they evolve and Apple is no different. They all want more control over users. Windows 10 seems to be a good OS, IMO, but it requires the user to be informed if they want to keep their privacy intact. I think MS is moving in the direction they are because they know the days of desktops being commonplace is numbered. They need to marry desktops, tablets and especially phones seamlessly with one OS. Just like Apple has done. Windows 10 is their first serious effort to make this happen. MS has made amazing progress in the tablet arena with Windows 8.1 and this will continue with Windows 10. Overall, I think MS has done a decent job with 10. I am curious to see how W10 works on phones. If they do it right then it might be the first time a phone can truly be the only computing device a non-power user needs.

I am no spring chicken but I can’t allow my age to make me stagnant regarding adoption of new technology. I need computers for what I do for a living and have learned from experience that dragging my feet on keeping up with technology makes it much harder when I am eventually forced to upgrade. Looking at the big picture, this is the way humans have had to operate for thousands of years. In the past keeping up with technology has been more of a vocational exercise but today it has become more of a mental exercise.


I think I agree with UTR…gonna have to go with the flow eventually, so although I´m perfectly happy with my W7 I´ve clicked to big red button and committed myself to W10…
…how many of us are diving in straight away?


I am doing it on all our computers since they are eligible for the free upgrade. This includes my wife’s laptop which was no small feat to drag her into upgrading. The last one I will do is my main work computer. I need to use the others to get acclimated to it before risking a drop in work productivity. Overall, I would say I like W10 about as well as I liked W7 at the same point in the release cycle. Time will tell whether this holds.


I may get one free version of W10 .
If I do I plan to temporarily unplug all other drives & just install on one .
I worked with Vista till it worked very well & still does when I use it.
I guess I can do the same with W10 but I’m not looking forward to it .

[QUOTE=G_Ivan Awfulitch;2757843].
Oh yeah while I’m on old age my hearing is not up to par and I wish DVDs and BD disk came with the option of having background music running or not.[/QUOTE]

My hearing is still good for 62 anyway .
Still it seems to me that the movie studios have went insane with the volume of background music. Many times it just drowns out the Audio.
I also don’t need to be blown out of my chair when the movie starts .So I have to turn the volume down ; only to need to turn it back up to hear the dialog. Then get blasted again when there is no dialog . (RANT) .


I’ve now upgraded our three Windows 7 machines to Windows 10 and I must honestly say I’m pretty pleased with it so far. The upgrades were relatively hassle free for that kind of activity. Two were almost automatic and for the third I needed to update some drivers and reinstall two or three minor programmes.

I can’t say I’ve noticed any significant improvement in performance - but the boot times are about 10 seconds quicker.

I’ve also found the transition to using Windows 10 fairly easy so far. Setting aside appearances, a whole load of stuff under the skin is familiar and pretty easy to find.

I dare say I will run into problems and find things I don’t like - but the experience of the first week with the new system is reasonably favourable.


Not saying that change is not good but I will wait for all the “in the know people” to do the upgrades and find and publish the ways to keep MS’s nose out of my personal life. I still like XP for ease of getting around and simple ways to get things done. W7 I still have to look around a bit. Tried W8.1 and didn’t care for it. I will use that hard drive to clone my XP drive just in case W10 doesn’t work right for me or in case this old machine is not up to date enough for W10 to install. Since it is not a free update (XP>W10) I can wait on it.


Although at this stage I’ve got well used to Windows 8.1 due to it being on my workplace PC, one thing that does bug me is the inability to kill explorer.exe when it’s not responding. In this instance, it seems to be a bug in OneDrive for Business where it stops responding in the middle of a file copy/move operation:

As the above first screenshot shows, it gives ‘Restart’ instead of ‘End Task’. Clicking ‘Restart’ does nothing in this instance as it just seems to sit there waiting for it to gracefully close. If I try forcing it to close in the ‘Details’ tab, it tells me ‘Access is denied’! :confused:

Basically, I have no problem killing the Explorer.exe process when it’s responding fine (which I just tried), but if it’s not responding, it sure puts up a fuss. It’s the same even with an Administrator command prompt where ID ‘4732’ here is the explorer.exe process:

I don’t recall ever having trouble killing explorer.exe in Windows 7, whereas in Windows 8.1, it requires restarting the computer. So far explorer.exe hasn’t hung yet on me in the few days I’ve been using Windows 10.


I upgraded to Win8.1 around 8 months ago because Quickbooks accounting will no longer install on WinXP beginning with the 2015 version. WinXP did and still does all I need to do except for dropped software support for programs like Quickbooks which will likely force others to upgrade who use programs that require upgrade. I noticed my doctor’s office still uses WinXP but suspect they will have to upgrade when limited software support requires it. It’s a shame folks are forced to upgrade perfectly good OSs like WinXP and Win7, but that’s just the way the computing world works I guess.