Enimem joins Metallica and Dr. Dre



I just posted the article Enimem joins Metallica and Dr. Dre….

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After his teacher Dr. Dre (who started an action like Metallica against Napster), now also the “The Real Slim Shady” also known als…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/529-Enimem-joins-Metallica-and-Dr_-Dre___.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/529-Enimem-joins-Metallica-and-Dr_-Dre___.html)

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Hmm I guess it is…


The big mack daddy smacked down. Complaining about whinners in his songs, now he is one.


Where i can download the Napster!


I have no sympathy whatsoever for these assholes. Paul Stanley from KISS stated that "If you win the lottery don’t complain about paying your taxes"
You can’t tell me that Dre , Metalica and this other greedy fat pig is in it for the music. It’s about power , fame and endless amounts of sex , drugs and booze. Why should I fund thier pusuit of greed. I figure their sponsers , promoters, and lawers are also feeling a little short of the next BMW, trophy wife and stock account.


All I got to say is that someone should catch those fuckers when they log onto napster. I bet half of them download some songs while they’re sitting their seeing who’s downloading their shit.
The music industry is a bunch of rich greedy fuckers and I hope they fall big time!!
Why the fuck should we pay $18 for a fucking music CD when I can make them at home, with cases for around 80c. I know they can beat that too cause they get all the CD’s and shit dirty cheap.
Fuck them all cause they’re greedy fuckers!


I got Eminem’s new CD! I got Eminem’s new CD! I’m going to put it on the Internet!!


so whatyagonna do about it, big fat bitch. I like your songs, but now you’re even more dick as the people you diss… fat whore


I really, really like MnM.
but i DON’T (yes BSA, DON"T!)
like to pay for it!!!
dl it strait away!


who the fuck does he think he is, vanilla ice,
but with more head lice
to stop him being that nice!
tell him to sut tha fuck up
and stop fucking the mice.

see anybody can rap that crap

whats u gonna do now?
sue me fuck rapping like him!


its shit and easy anyway


Eminem’s, smelten niet in je hand, maar wel in je mond


Welp, I guess his mother really fucked his brains out this time…


Maybe if his music didn’t suck that much, people would consider buying the original!


“That Napster shitt, if that gets any bigger, it could kill the whole purpose of making music”

What the f**k is this guy on - the only thing that’s under threat from Napster is the greedy profiteering of the publishers and the filthy rich artists.

An I thought the point of making music was to make music…asshole dickhead!


I download mp3s off of napster, but the bands I like I buy there CDs too, even if I don’t use them because I want to support them, like I buy Tool’s and A perfect circle’s cd, because they rock,


I just dont see the point of paying $20.00, for a CD that only has one or two songs that I like on it!!!


I just dont see the point of paying $20.00, for a CD that only has one or two songs that I like on it!!!


You should listen to the “public announcement” on this album:

“…Slim Shady does not give a fuck what you think,if you don’t like it you can suck his fucking cock. Little did you know upon purchasing this album you have just kissed his ass…”

And he wants us to buy it? Hahaha


Looks like this years Vanilla Ice is still a Ho for his massa dre


fuck all those fuckin cocks. napster is one of the best things that has come out from the internet. I out of every CD you buy for $18, like $2 actually goes to the artist while the other $16 goes to assholes who tell the artist what he or she should not do and get dirty rich doing it. I agree artists should get a paycheck like everyone else but who the fuck wants to pay some 65 yr old shithead who doesnt even like music so that i can listen to my music. NAPSTER FUCKING KICKS ASS I SALUTE YOU!!!


Eminem, you skinny retarded white-trash piece of fucking shit. I’ll make sure your lame-ass, limp-dick, shit fer brains, steaming pile of rat puke, no talent, so called “art” is every fucking where. Bring it on you pencil dick, fake as plastic dog shit poser. Kick my ass?? I don’t think so.