Enigma webbrowser; 28kb in size

I just posted the article Enigma webbrowser; 28kb in size.

Submitted by: Baldyman
Source: Suttondesigns.com

The lastest Enigma Browser version, Enigma Browser 2.6.5, weighs in at only 28k!
Never heard about this browser then read the info…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/807-Enigma-webbrowser-28kb-in-size.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/807-Enigma-webbrowser-28kb-in-size.html)

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CAVEMAN’s right! This is goddamn bullcrap. First of all it totally depends on IE’s engine. Second of all it’s a Visual Basic program - which means it requires several megabytes of ocx and dll crap! So anyone could make a browser that small, using another engine and almost all code in external files.

This Suckzzz !

I want an M$ Browser which needs 1 gig HDD and 100 megs RAM ! lol

Good work !

M$ should beware …

CU !


WTF is wrong with those dates ?!?!?!?

no conversation can exist anymore

Nice browser! It’s missing some stuff, but hey…that’s compensated by it’s speed.
I like it!

i wish i had a rabbit and a hat, and i was 3 feet tall…
i wish i was a bowler …

there you go… ohyeah! also i wish that someone could throw the siteadms of this website a brain, coz HOW THE HELL DID THIS LAME PIECE OF CRAP GET ONTO CDFREAKS? MORONS!!!

Caveman is wrong! Enigma is much faster than IE, doesn’t CRASH like IE, doesn’t eat ram or disk buffers like IE. If an animal doesn’t waddle like a duck… it ain’t no duck!

No way this is just a VB program OR that it uses the IE engine. It cycles the processor like a program with some assembly routines, and it renders pages 3 times faster than any IE engine does!

Even if it does use the ie engine - it uses it betta than ie

why is everybody saying 28K, I just downloaded it and it’s 400K…

It looks fine but it IS A IE BASED BROWSER!!!

If you check the “HTTP USER AGENT” the browser gives off, it says this…

HTTP_USER_AGENT Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows 98; Win 9x 4.90)

The browser is great! Small and fast! What more could one want? AND it is free!

after microsation of hardware now coming up of software, make the smallest programs in size but yet they have to be complex

First impression: GREAT! Very fast browser. But the ‘click here to react’ link to post this message gives me a ‘Internet Explorer Java Script Error’ …

Ah, I see. I just had to turn the ‘allow pop up windows’ option on. Very handy to turn this popup thing on and off fast! I think I just love Enigma.

Oh my lordee! I think i like it…

Hey.it isnt so hard to make a webbrowser to work in windows.Windows got most of the files in it self.Search around and you will make it.but i prefer Delphi,stay tuned, if i get the time there will be a “Snoppens browser” in a little while.

You guys do realize that this browser isn’t stand alone, right? It uses the IE engine. If you have deleted IE off your system totally (hard, but possible) then Enigma won’t work.

Yes., cavemen.your right.Snoppen

this browser is very nice, indeed