Enhanced Music CD problems! HELP!

Hey All,

Im Stewart from Melbourne Australia. I looked through the Newbie forum first to see if anyone had the same problem, but unfortunately to no avail.

My CD burner will read and copy all music cd’s - EXCEPT those with enhanced extra video, multimedia etc. Im using Nero (not sure which version). It reads almost the whole cd (say 80%), then fails at the end. I’ve tried ripping the tracks off with Simple MP3 Maker, but it fails to get the final one or two tracks. Ive asked the computer wizz who lives next door to me what the problem is, he says there is a lot of intricate settings to do with the whole process that can set off problems.

Ive seen the post that having Nero and EasyCDmaker installed can cause problems - this is the case on my pc, is this what is causing problems??

Can anyone enlighten me as to what is happening and how I can alleviate the problem?



PS you can email me directly at stewartmelbourne@yahoo.com if you like!

use good programs to copy…

With Feurio or EAC you can extract the audio tracks.
With Feurio you can burn the audio tracks and leave the disc open.
Then, add the data tracks with a proper program (I’m not sure which one to use)

You can use a program like CloneCD. If you select the “Multimedia” profile it can make a straight copy without effort thus copying music and data in one shot.

Hello: StewyBell Welcome to forum.

If this is a one time copy, you may want to use a trial version of a program such as Alcohol or CloneCD. These programs should copy all of the CD or just the audio portion, should that be your choice. If you just want the music (audio) tracks just copy the first session. As minix stated Feurio or EAC, (exactaudiocopy is a high quality free program), will extract the audio tracks.

the audio cd forum is a great place to read up on this sort of thing.


enhanced cd’s hould read on your drive as dity did for all 6 that ia have ever owned all different brands. it is also possible that there is protection on that cd. in that case the following link is a great place to read up on them http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=46159
hope that helps