Enhanced Music cd how to access files?

Hello all
This is my first post
I am using a NEC 2510A burner :slight_smile:

I just ordered a SOHC 1693 cause i was desperate to fix this problem
and Its coming tomorrow…


Hey all

Unfortunately Microsoft stopped support win2000 as of June 30,
so they won’t help.
Many technical forums don’t know.
Can you please help me?

I cant access folders on enhanced cds, although they work on any other computer or other cd rom drive.
I can only see the tracks.
I remember one time where my drive could only see the files/folders
but not the tracks, and wouldn’t play the cd.

How do i fix this? currently my drive is in stage where it cant see the folders at all.

These cds were verified to both work on Mac and PC.

There must be a way to access both books/sessions of a CD
viewable in explorer.

CHARGE 245.00 to solve problem :doh:
so they do know but won’t assist unless i pay the $$$

I just paid for a new drive and tried so many things…I need help, and i dont want to pay so much money :rolleyes:

Try IsoBuster, extract your folders.