Enhanced mode CD in NVE3?



sorry if this has been asked a million times, but we just finished a music CD and would like to create a mixed-mode (? not sure about the term) CD that would have:

  1. our featured rock video (video file)
  2. selected tracks from the album (audio samples)
  3. bio of the band and members (text, pics, etc.)
  4. link to our website.
    I have tons of tools (my favorites being Premier Pro, Nero, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc) and wondering if I can do this using Nero VisionExpress 3, which I am very familiar with?

i was inspired to write after seeing this post on the web:
Many thanks to David Battino for his article on producing enhanced CDs, “More than Meets the Ear” (March 2002).

He has inspired me to save a few trees by making my demos enhanced CDs. I’m having difficulty, however. The article states that the preferred method for creating enhanced CDs is to make a multisession CD in which the first session is an audio CD. It also states that, among other software, Ahead Software’s Nero is capable of that. Using the latest version of Nero, however, I have been unable to do that. According to Nero, a multisession CD may include only ISO sessions, not audio. Nero’s Help file offers no assistance on this point.

If Mr. Battino has created an enhanced CD with Nero, I would appreciate a walk-through. Otherwise, you might want to find out if this is really possible and alert readers before they buy the program with this intention. Alan Moore via e-mail

Author David Battino replies: Alan - No audio-CD player of which I’m aware can read a CD with multiple audio sessions, but the type of enhanced CD I describe in the article has only one audio session, followed by one data session. The audio session can contain multiple tracks (that is, songs), which is precisely why the format works: normal CD players see only the first session, but computers see both. To record multiple audio tracks in a single session, your burner and burning software must support Session-at-Once mode. Nero does, although it doesn’t explicitly call it that. Before burning the audio session, click on the Burn tab, select Disc-at-Once as the write method, and uncheck the Finalize checkbox. Incidentally, Nero can also mount Macintosh SCSI drives, making it a convenient tool for creating hybrid discs.