Enhanced CD questions

Hi there.

I have some questions regarding the creation of Enhanced CD Roms.

I am currently working for a company that provide music resources to primary schools in the UK.

Their newest project is to create an interactive CD Rom that would play the audio tracks on both an Audio CD Player and the CD Drive on a computer. They would like to have an interactive element where the teachers can play each track, teach the children the song lyrics on the screen and stop, play pause as needed.

The interactive element will be designed in Director.

My questions are:

Do we need two sets of audio tracks, one lot for session 1 (audio only) and one lot for session 2 (for the interactive data)? Either way, what format(s) would be best to use for maximum quality but minimum file size? Can session 1 and session 2 be read by each other on the computer? I know that session 2 is not readable by an Audio CD Player, but what about the other way around?

Any help in this area would be greatfully appreciated.

I don’t have any tips for you unfortunately but I’m curious what software you’re using to make the enhanced cd?

CD Plus, CD Extra, Enhanced CD - you name it.

Choose the correct CD template in Nero and get it going.