Enhanced BenQ 800A/822A PI/PIF scanning coming soon!

Check out Erik Deppes’ (Author of Nero CD-DVD Speed) post here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=697816&postcount=227

I’m definitely excited to see these enhanced scanning features come to the BenQ822A.
What do you guys think? :slight_smile:

That’s great. When should we see a version that supports it?

why could it not scan higher than 1x before?

It sounds like this applies to the DW1620 too.

yes but I would like to know what was the cause of this terribly low scan rate

Maybe they just need to figure out the command to speed it up.

Is this new firmware or just something that Erik can now do?

It doesn’t appear to be a new firmware.
The screenshot shows B3HC.
Unless it is a “tweaked” version of the stock B3HC firmware…

Wow. THATs really GREAT news. I hated waiting for hours for the scan to be completed.

Here is again the link to the complete thread:

Erik let me know that a new version of CD-DVD Speed is required as well as a new firmware since there are issues with the preliminary tests…
Hopefully we’ll see a fully functional combination soon. :smiley:

so what will be the eta and can we beta test it :smiley:
btw 2 new firmware out for 1620 and all i just need to try scan is the said cd speed to try the enhanced scanning. :wink:

I’ve tried the latest version of CD-Speed (as of today) v.3.30 with BenQ DW1620 fw B7K9 (latest fw) and it still scans at max 1x.

Here’s a scan with DW1620 (B7K9) using CD-DVD Speed 3.30 at max scan speed.

As you can see, it’s still 1x maximum.

Hey relax.
The version with pif and variable speed is not ready yet.
And also one would need a new firmware which supports it.


Hey relax.
The version with pif and variable speed is not ready yet.
And also one would need a new firmware which supports it.

So you’re saying when CD-DVD Speed comes out with it’s update we’ll have to wait for BenQ to come out with a new firmware? If so, is there any indication from BenQ that they will come out with a new firmware that supports these new CD-DVD Speed functions?

perhaps Erik Deppe can clear this up since new firmware has already been put out for both 822 and 1620. or maybe a newer firmware will have to be released. I gather this might be possible with dvdinfo too, I hope.

Well as all developers Erik surely has a lot to do and a tight schedule.
But he once wrote that the guys from benq were ‘very enthusiastic’ about the PIPO-Scanning with CD-DVD-Speed. And they should because for me at least it is a strong argument for buying this burner.
Everything looks to me like they helped him out with the needed information, so why should they do this and then not implement it in the firmware?! But this is of course only speculation from me side.

A firmware update may not be needed.
BenQ suggested a workaround for the issues and that works great.
I’ve posted a screenshot here

Ah, I didn’t mean my post as criticism. I was just showing the current state with the latest (early october) firmware, so that others know the situation.

I think Erik is doing a great job and I’m really looking forward to the new version of cd-dvd speed!

Is there a way to dump the raw CDSpeed output? I am still getting bizarre results when using a 822A+ in his Firewire enclosure (while scanning for PIFs and while scanning for C2s). Anybody out here with the external version who did a succesfull scan?