"Enhance for data, video and console" <<< WHAT!?

Right, well I’m sure you will have seen on some brand of discs the phrase “Enhanced for data, video and console” in particular on CMC MAG discs, (and fake TY discs).

Ritek, et al. don’t seem to produce potentially confusing discs. In particular lower grade tier discs, like Bulkpaq, Datasafe, AOne, all have this message. What in the name of all that is holy does this MEAN!? :confused: Have the discs been reinforced? (I know Datawrite Titaniums apparently had an additional layer put onto their discs to make it more scratch resistant - You mean more shtter, Datawrite?, but that’s irrelevant)

It’s been getting to me now. It’s a message that means sod all !:a

I’d just put it down to marketing hype - like Grade AAA+++ for some of the crappier discs. :slight_smile:

LMAO @ the Datawrite comment. You nailed it right there I think. :bigsmile:

In general, decent discs don’t rely (so much, though there are exceptions) on outrageous claims. As you say, that type of thing usually crops up on the more inferior brands/quality grades.

Oh dear God, why oh why do they put it on :frowning:

It just frustrates people and cons people into buying garbage! Say what you like about kack media, slapping on a enhanced for data video and console label doesn’t make it any better!

Also, why do (such as RiDisc) throw on pointless selling gimmicks like Grade A+++ WTF DOES THAT EVEN MEAN!? Fair enough about the grading system (Y’know, proper grading system like A, B, C… Etc) as it helps seperate okay media from the great (Arita vs. RiData, for example - The former is B-Grade Ritek)


It’s so that the “average Joe/Josephine” knows to buy their super-duper discs with go-faster stripes, rather than the plain boring ol’ TY/Verbatim sitting next to them on the shelf. :wink:

Don’t get me started, Arachne… Although I confess, the garbage media is easily available and cheap because retailers want to get it off their shelves soon as - If people look harder, and pay a little more, they can be guarenteed optimum results. Although Verbies are not for me due to the kack Verbies they have produced, I know what brand I will stick to for everyday discs.

If I wanted to store mission critical data on a CD - I prefer an MBI code.

Haha, go on…get started, could create quite a discussion :bigsmile:

I like MBI-made CDRs, too. Very few problems with those :slight_smile:

Agree about retailers wanting to shift it quick :iagree:. Also, people like a bargain :iagree:, especially the way most peeps’ finances are these days. So unless you’re a regular visitor of CDFreaks/MyCE, or just happen to know a little about disc quality, that’s what “average Joe/Josephine” is likely to plump for, I think.

As you yourself have found, it’s a case of trial-and-error to find something that a) doesn’t break the bank, and b) gives decent enough quality.

Me, I try not to buy any DVD media these days, unless I can get Verbies on a deal - no special price Verbies, no purr-chase. :bigsmile:

CDRs, I rarely buy now - still have plenty in my stash :eek: