Enhance DVD

Ok this is a little project i’m working on, and I already ripped the movie from the DVD using CloneDVD and got the VOB files in a folder.

No this is the thing I need to do:

  1. Extract the MPEG2(M2V) video file
  2. Extract the AC3(M2A) sound track

Then I plan to re-engineer/enhance the audio, and put the m2v+m2a in VOBs again.
Putting them together is easy, but I have no clue to what app I can use to extract them from the VOBs.

Any ideas how I preform this rip?
All the ripper I seen only rip it to some format, I don’t wan’t the ripper to alter the files at all just extract the streams.

EDIT: I just used DVD Decrypter to Demux the VOBs but it didn’t join the streams but gave me a m2v+AC3 stream per VOB.
That’s not what I wanted, I wanted singel files.

Then set ‘File Splitting’ to ‘None’ in the settings.